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Destined for love (page 4)

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James sat on the coffee table across from her. “I’m sure this is difficult for you to believe.”

She chuckled, and poured more liquor into her mouth.

“You’ve had a rough time lately. All of it can change.” He lifted his glass in a toast then took a sip.

Her day had been nothing but horrific. She’d lost everything. Instead of lounging with two gorgeous men, she should be working on her résumé. But she glanced at his chest then quickly decided she’d rather soak in the view of him than a computer screen.

“I don’t understand any of this.” She leant forwards and set her empty glass beside his on the coffee table.

James gently grabbed her arm as she backed away. He slid his fingers down and into her palm where they stayed. The soft touch sent a delightful chill shooting up her arm.

“We’re here for you, Valerie. We’re here to make your life better, however you wish it.”

His kind smile and glittering eyes stirred heat within her.I'm dreaming. I must be. Two gorgeous hunks want to please me. There’s no way I’m walking away from such an offer. Oh, no, no, no.

But this wasn’t a dream. It couldn’t be since he had touched her.

“How can you help make my life better?”

He lifted her hand and pressed his lips to the back of it. “All you have to do is wish it.”

“You mean, make a wish?”

“Yes.” He rubbed his thumb over her fingers. “You have two left.”

Her heart revved while the need between her legs intensified. His tender touch and seductive gaze overpowered her. Then her mind snapped to reality.

“Two wishes? What are you, some kind of genie?”

Mark walked into the room with the champagne bottle. He stopped behind James and filled her empty glass. “Think of us as your personal helpers.”

“But remember, you only have two wishes left,” James added.

Too unreal. How could genies exist? Maybe I should visit the nut house after all.

“Where did you come from?”

A loud pop came from the kitchen. A meaty aroma floated into the living room and smelt fantastic. Her stomach gurgled and her mouth watered. Mark set the bottle down, then rushed back to the kitchen, leaving her alone with James.

“It’s difficult to explain, so I’ll put this in simple terms,” James said, then turned her palm up. He traced along the lines. “We’re ancient spirits. A long time ago, our council leader placed a curse on us. We travel through time and help those that…need help. But we can only grant three wishes. Our home varies, based on the time period and what appeals to modern men and women.”

The tickling sensation in her hand made it difficult for her to concentrate. Or it could’ve been the champagne.

“Earlier, you said I found you…”

“Yes.” He trailed his finger along her vein, up her wrist and along her forearm. “In a way, we are drawn to you, or rather, the person in need. But it is up to that person to find and release us.”

“Oh, I get it. I found the bottle, and when I took the cork out I set you free.”

He smiled. “Yes, fate has a way of bringing us to people in need. I believe it’s part of the curse. But we can’t force the person to release us. The person must act of their own free will.”

Her nipples hardened and her thighs tightened as he glided his fingers up her arm. His voice was soft, seductive, much like his touch. She hungered for food and attention—the kind only a man could satisfy.

He looked at her chest and curled his lips. “Now that you have used one, you have two wishes left. You can take as much time as you’d like deciding how to use them.” He lifted his eyes and smiled.

She felt lightheaded as her mind spun with thoughts.They were genies. Someone put a curse on them. I have two more wishes. Damn, I'm horny and James looks willing to satisfy my need.

Mark stepped into the room. He picked up his glass, then stopped beside James. “A word of warning—be careful what you wish for. What you get might not be what you truly want.”

Brow tight, she gave him a look of concern. “What do you mean? Will something bad happen to me? Will I get sick if I eat the food?”

Nothing came free and everything had a price. It was a lesson she’d learnt from her parents early in life.

Mark finished swallowing and lowered his glass. “Nothing bad will happen unless you gorge yourself on all the food. Every wish comes with responsibility.”

Val stiffened while her whirling thoughts cleared. “So if I ask for a new job, I have to be the boss and handle everything associated with the job.”

James nodded. “Yes.”

“And if I ask for lots of money, I have to use it wisely or I might go broke. I shouldn’t buy a new wardrobe, house, car, and whatever I want.”

Mark smiled. “Yes.”

“All our actions and words—”

“Have consequences,” she finished for James.

He held her hand between his. “Good, and bad. You have to weigh the results and determine the best course to take.”

Val inhaled a deep breath as she considered the potential for greatness, and disaster.

So, what should I wish for?


Chapter Four




Val lowered her fork then leant back in her seat. James sat next to her at the round table while Mark faced her. Unable to eat any more, she relaxed and clasped her hands in her lap. Mark had fixed a salad to start the meal with then he’d brought them each a juicy steak with potatoes and broccoli on the side. Everything had tasted delicious, and she’d probably consumed too much. The two genies continued chomping on big hunks of meat and trading smirks on occasion.

“I would love to eat like this every night,” Mark said as he reached for his glass of champagne.

“It was a good wish, and fortunately we are able to enjoy it as much as the person who made the request.” James grinned.

The wish had flown out of her mouth fast and part of her regretted it. She had other priorities that needed attention, such as a job to pay her bills and a home to live in. Filling her cabinets with food was the least of her concerns. However, seeing their content expressions and hearing them chat provided plenty of entertainment. Perhaps she hadn’t wasted the wish after all.

Mark made a loud moan as he finished chewing. He skewered a potato with his fork. “Damn, this is good.”

“Do you eat much regular food?” Val asked.

James shrugged. “It’s not necessary for us to eat to survive.”

“But it tastes good when we can eat.” Mark lifted his drink in the air. “To our new mistress.”

“I’ll toast to that.” James took his glass and clanked it with Mark’s.

Val sat quietly, observing the two men while her head slowly came out of the clouds from the liquor she’d imbibed earlier.I'm losing my mind. I should check myself into a mental facility. At least I’d get a free room and food for a while. On second thought, I’d have to give up my freedom. No, that won’t work. Perhaps I should just accept this golden opportunity and play along. And, if I do, I need to decide on two more wishes.

“Are you feeling all right?” Mark asked. “You didn’t finish your steak.”

She rubbed a hand over her belly. “If I eat any more, I’m going to burst.”

He chuckled. “Do you like my cooking? I would be more than happy to fix meals for you until you complete all your wishes.”

A live-in cook sounded like a great idea. Preparing meals was one of her least favourite chores.

“Mark, you know we’re not supposed to influence others.” James leaned against his chair. “We have a home.”

Mark lowered his gaze as he shoved another potato in his mouth.

“If you don’t stay here, would you have to stay in that bottle?” Val asked.

“Unless you give us permission, we have to return to our glass home,” James replied.

“I have space here in my apartment. There’s a twin in the spare bedroom, and the sofa is quite comfortable. You’re welcome to make yourselves at home for the time being.”

They stared at her. Mark stopped chewing and had a big bulge in his cheek.

“Are you sure?” James asked.

“Yeah. There’s plenty of space here. It’s not a problem. If the neighbours question you, I’m sure I can think of something creative to tell them.”

“I really like her,” Mark mumbled with his mouth still full of food.

“All right.” James nodded. “If you don’t mind, then we’ll stay here with you.”

“I don’t mind at all.” Besides, she could admire their beautiful bodies more and create wild fantasies in her head.

“Thank you for your generosity,” James said.

Saying nothing more, Val slowly rose from her seat. “I’ll take care of the dishes.”

Mark reached out and stopped her from going anywhere. “No, let me. Cooking and cleaning is the least I can do in return for your letting us stay here.”

James quickly stood. “I agree. And I’m sure you’re tired and would like a hot bath. I can help you clean up and give you a massage to help you relax.”

Val nearly dropped the plate on the floor.

James took the dish from her hands. “Come on. Let me take care of you.” He set the dish on the table then lightly gripped her arm.

“I’ll join you as soon as I finish the dishes. Try not to fall asleep.” Mark grinned and winked at her.

A warm tingle of desire ran through her and her cheeks flushed.Two men want to take care of me? Oh, I’m really going to enjoy this. Based on Mark’s wink, I bet his version of caring involves no sleep and a lot of fondling.

James guided her through the living room. “You can trust us. We’re both good caretakers, and have special qualities.”

“Special qualities?” she asked as they turned and headed down the hall for the bathroom. Images of him naked and with a fully erect cock swarmed in her dirty mind. Such a special quality would indeed impress her. She definitely needed cleansing.

“I’m really good with my hands. I know how to make a woman feel as if she’s floating in the clouds.”

Somehow, she believed him. When he’d touched her forehead on the beach, he’d magically taken her headache away.

Her body warmed as more pleasure-filled thoughts flooded her mind. She imagined his hands exploring and massaging her body then his fingers delving deep within her pussy. The thought made her wet and revved her desire tenfold. She yearned for a strong man to touch and please her. As luck would have it on such a strange day in her life, she had two of them in her home and they seemed willing to appeal to her every need.

James stepped into the bathroom and flipped on the light. “Nice facilities.” He brought her to a halt in the middle of the room.

The large bathroom connected and separated the two bedrooms. A small window above the showering area allowed some sunlight in during the day. As for the commode, it lay hidden in what appeared as a small closet next to the side of the claw-foot tub. The apartment building was old, but the space and modern renovations had kept all the tenants happy.

James headed for the bathtub. He stopped in front of the dark red curtain and pushed it out of the way. “Do you have any bubble bath?” He twisted the faucet until water shot out.

Val turned and reached for the cabinet under the sink. All her feminine supplies were in the front. Behind them, she kept her extra bottles of shampoo and the bubble bath. She grabbed a bottle and rose. As she twisted, she nearly bumped into James.

“I’ll take that.” And he did before returning to the bathtub.

The water splashed fiercely, as James hadn’t plugged the drain yet. Bubble bath in hand, he knelt in front of the bathtub then sealed off the escape route for the water. After he had removed the cap from the bottle, he poured the thick fluid into the water.

He glanced over his shoulder. “You can undress now. I doubt this will take long to fill.”

Staring at him, she hesitated to respond. Take off her clothes in front of him? Yes, he had a gorgeous body, and a charming and caring personality, but he was still a stranger—and a genie.

“I’ll wait until you’re done,” she said finally.

He grinned as he twisted the cap back on the bottle. “Mark and I have travelled this earth for over seventeen hundred years. I assure you, I’ve seen every inch of a woman’s body. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

Her cheeks warmed. If he’d truly lived such a long time, he’d probably seen and been with thousands of women. She shouldn’t feel embarrassed in front of him, yet she did.

“Have you always been a genie? Living in a bottle?”

He set the bubble bath on the side of the tub before he rose. “Mark and I grew up in the same town together. We were very…obnoxious in our youth and into our early twenties. The elders grew tired of dealing with us. They said the only way we would learn to be moral and upstanding citizens in a community would be to watch and help others. The town leader changed us into spirit form then sent us to the nearest glass object that would confine us until someone needed help.”

Val stared at him. She hesitated to ask about the crimes they’d committed, but she had to know. “What did you do to deserve such a harsh punishment?”

“Stupid things like courting young girls, drinking, disturbing the peace, destroying crops… Accidentally, I might add.”

She pressed her lips together and sighed. Everything he’d described eerily resembled the activities of teenagers and young adults in modern day. Had ancient times been so different?

“It sounds as if you were normal. Many young people act that way.”

“Yes, but in my time such activities were frowned upon. Many girls were wed by their sixteenth year. Boys and men always tended to the land, their jobs, and their families. Everything was systematic and for the betterment of the community. Mark and I just wanted to have fun before settling into that life.”

“So you never hurt anyone?”

“No.” He gave a single shake of his head as he stared into her eyes. “Never.”

“Wow. Sounds like you and Mark received a raw deal.” She felt pity for them. “Is there no way for you to escape the curse?”

He stepped closer to her and slid his shirt away from his shoulders. “There is one way, but neither Mark nor I can tell you.”

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