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Destined for love (page 5)

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He dropped his shirt on the floor then unbuttoned his jeans. “We’re not permitted. We can tell you there is a way, but, if you want to know what it is, you have to figure it out.”

Slowly, he unzipped his pants.

She gave him a confused look and swallowed hard. “What are you doing?”

She lowered her gaze and marvelled at muscle after solid muscle rippling down his chest. She could enjoy the view for hours if he’d let her.

“I’m hoping you will feel more comfortable naked in front of me if I too am naked.” He pushed his jeans down to his thighs, then let go and let them fall to his ankles.

She stared in fascination and awe at his beautiful, solid body. Light brown hair trailed down from his navel to a thick patch where his erection stood proudly. Heat radiated within her and her loins tightened. She imagined what it would feel like to have him deep within her, filling her.

He took a step closer, placing his body inches from hers. He tucked her hair behind her ear. “You have nothing to fear with me or Mark.”

Gazing deep into his eyes, she believed him one hundred and twenty per cent.

He gripped the bottom edge of her blouse and lightly tugged it up. She released her worries as she raised her arms and let him lift the shirt away from her.

With a slight smile, he dropped her blouse on the floor. “That wasn’t so hard. Was it?”

She bit her lip and gave a light shake of her head. At the same time, she unfastened her slacks. “How long has it been since you were released from your glass home?”

His attention remained fixed on her lower extremities as she pushed her slacks down her hips. “Years. Too long.”

If he’d truly spent years cooped up in a small bottle, he had to have one intense sex drive. The thought heated her body temperature more and made her wet with need.

Her trousers fell to her ankles.

His lips twitched. “Wow.” He breathed out.

Movement from the corner of her eye took her attention from him. Upon seeing the high water level, she pointed to the tub. “The water.”

James twisted and rushed for the faucet. Val giggled at his urgency, but also took the opportunity to slide her underwear down her legs. By the time he’d finished and was facing her again, she’d unclasped her brassiere. The straps fell from her shoulders as he stepped towards her.

“And here I thought you might be shy.”

She let her bra drop to the floor. “I realise I’m in good company.”

A teasing smile formed on his face. He held up his palm. “May I assist my beautiful mistress into the bath?”

She placed her hand on top of his. Gripping it lightly, he assisted her into the bath. She toed the water, checking it. The warm temperature was perfect. To ensure she kept balanced, he placed one hand on her hip. After she had stepped in the tub, she slowly lowered her body.

“May I join, and wash you?”

She didn’t hesitate. “Sure.”

With her need growing between her legs and her nipples hard and aching for attention, she couldn’t refuse the handsome genie. Thomas, her now ex-boyfriend, had never showered with her or offered to wash her. Many times she’d fantasised what it would be like to bathe with a man. The chance had come to turn fantasy into reality, and she wouldn’t refuse it.

She scooted to the other end of the claw-foot tub and snatched the bath gel from the corner-shelving unit while James stepped into the water. As he settled behind her, she pulled the hand towel hanging on the side and soaked it in the bubbly water. He sat down and his legs brushed along hers.

“I’ll take that,” he said as he reached over her shoulder for the wet cloth.

His erection touched her back. She was half tempted to take it in her hand and grope him. But this was her time to relax, her time to receive some tender loving care.

“Lean back.” He placed his hand on her shoulder and gently tugged her closer.

She set the bottle on the side of the tub then gathered her hair to one side. After a deep breath, she relaxed against him. His stiff cock twitched, reminding her it was there, and ready. Arms on each side of her, he lifted the soaking wet cloth and held it over her breasts.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll wash your front first.”

“Hmm…don’t mind at all.”

He squeezed the hand towel above one breast, and water dripped over it. Then he moved it to the other. His touch excited her, made her nipples ripe and ready for him to play with. God, she hoped he would. The free hand he held under the water rose with a handful of bubbles. He dropped the cloth in the water then reached over the side of the tub and lifted the gel bottle.

“I’ve always loved bubble baths. It’s been a long time since I had one.”

He flipped open the lid of the bottle. Holding it above her chest, he poured the gel on each breast. The cool fluid sent a chill through her. He closed the lid then dropped the bottle in the water. Her pulse quickened as she expected his next move would be to lather the bubbles and gel together. And he did. He pressed the suds to her breasts and tenderly squeezed and massaged them. She melted from his touch.

“These are beautiful, Val.”

He pinched her erect nipples between two fingers. An erotic zing shot straight to her core.

“Nice and perky. I can’t wait to suck on them.”

The need between her legs grew from his seductive words, let alone his voice. She drew her knees together, hoping it might calm her escalating desire for sex. But when he pressed his lips to her ear, more tingles spread through her and her desire skyrocketed.

“Relax, Valerie. Let your body enjoy this.”

He sucked on her earlobe and a soft moan slipped out of her. His touch felt so good. He dragged his tongue down the side of her neck while he lovingly groped her. Desire burned within her, needing more and wishing he’d lick her between her legs. He tugged on her hard nipples and another moan flew from her.

“Spread your legs,” he whispered in her ear, his breath warm and his voice silky smooth.

She complied with his request, even went as far as lifting one leg over the edge of the basin. Water splashed onto the floor.

“Such a perfect body.” He glided one hand down her abdomen.

“Do you seduce all the women you meet?”

His fingers brushed over her curls, then delved into her pussy. “No, I don’t. I haven’t seduced a woman in over a century.”

Her body craved release as if she hadn’t had sex in years. He rubbed her swollen clit after he had withdrawn his digits, then he pushed them back inside her. Tingles fluttered throughout her body. The need for more of his touch escalated at an alarming rate.

“Are you relaxing?” He nibbled on her neck.

“Yes.” The word came out with her breath.

Relaxing had never felt better under his tender loving care. She widened her legs, shifting her leg farther over the edge of the tub. Her head and body rested completely against his. He removed the one hand from fondling her breast, claimed hold of her chin, and turned her to face him. While he pushed his digits deep into her pussy, his tongue dived into her mouth.

Passion burned from his kiss and touch. Anticipation escalated and she moaned softly. She savoured each flick, stroke, and caress. Every thought she’d had before had flown out of the window and only one remained—the need for release. As if he knew how close she was to that very thing, he increased his efforts to give it to her. He explored her mouth and tweaked her clit. The genie was cruel, yet loving. She gripped his hair and held hand between her legs. Yes, she wanted him, wanted every bit of him. He continued to play with her nub and slide his digits inside her, rushing her to heaven. Finally, her orgasm came with a loud gasp and a shuddering wave of bliss.

He held his hand still while the spasms of joy rippled within her. “I would love to share this pleasure with you. I feel your walls tighten around my fingers, and my cock stiffens. Can I make love to you? Please say yes.”

She sucked in air while the erotic waves continued. He wanted to make love to her, and he’d had the courtesy to ask? Too unbelievable.

A sound from the doorway gathered their attention. Mark entered, then stopped in the centre of the bathroom. He lifted his shirt off his shoulders.

“I’m ready to join in the fun.”



Chapter Five




Mark wrapped a towel around Val the minute she’d stepped from the tub. Without wasting a second, James scooped her up. Dripping wet, he carried her from the bathroom. His feet sloshed on the tile floor with each step. As he turned the corner into the bedroom, her towel unravelled and exposed her flesh. The cooler air gave her a chill. She quivered slightly. Arms locked around his neck, she stared happily into his eyes.

“Do you mind if we both take care of your needs?” James asked.

What a kind man to always ask for her permission. How can I resist two genies wanting to please me? I've never been with two men before. Dreams can come true.

“I don’t mind at all,” she replied before kissing him. His tongue flicked hers and she took delight in playing with it. Her arousal blossomed within seconds.

When James stopped at the side of the bed, she prised her lips from his. He set her down gently while he placed little kisses on her nose and cheeks. “You taste like heaven.”

“Does she?” Mark walked into the room unfastening his jeans. “Because I’m very eager to taste her juices.”

Standing in front of the bed, he dropped his pants. Like James, Mark had a very hard, extremely stiff erection. Dark hair surrounded it and hid his balls. She stared in fascination then turned to James. The moment seemed too surreal, yet she knew they lived and breathed. Excitement flowed through her as she gazed into their eyes and appraised their cocks. Her heart raced while desire flooded her thoughts. Nipples aching to be touched, she reached to take James’ erection in her hand.

He smiled as she slid her fingers down his length. He felt so warm and hard. Her mouth watered with the thought of sucking him.

James touched her temple. He gently grazed the side of her face, then her bottom lip, tickling her. “She’s an angel, Mark. A sweet one to treasure.”

“I see that she is.” The bed moved as Mark crawled on his knees towards her. “It’s my turn to take care of her now.”

James lifted her hand from his rigid member as Mark took hold of her left foot. She focused on the dark-haired genie, vaguely aware James was massaging her palm. Mark kissed the top of her foot then gently pressed his thumbs underneath it. His warm hands and the swirling pressure sent tingles crawling up her leg.

“You’re still not relaxed. I can feel the tension in you.” He moved a little more between her legs then kissed her ankle.

She felt a gentle tug on her hand then a warm wetness wrap around her finger. Looking up, she found James had taken her digit into his mouth. He circled around it with his tongue then he sucked on it.

Tiny nibbles along her calf sent a jolt of need straight to her core. Mark lowered her foot then kissed her kneecap. “I can smell your sweetness from here.” He kissed her inner thigh then dragged his tongue north, heading for her sweet spot.

Val leaned her head into the pillow, highly aroused from the two men treating her with such love and compassion. She ached for more touching, kissing, stroking. Her temperature rose from the combination of their warm caresses and her increasing need.

James lowered her hand to the bed, but she was too enthralled with Mark so close to her wet sex to notice much else. When Mark reached her pubic mound, he kissed it and breathed in deeply.

“Yes. Very sweet.”

She bit her lip, waiting to see what Mark would do next. He kissed the area above her slit then lifted his head. Smiling, he backed up to her other foot and took it into his hands.

James appeared from the other side of the bed. He crawled towards her with a hunger in his blue eyes that aroused her even more. Stopping next to her, he placed his left hand over one of her breasts, making sure her nipple fitted tightly between two of his digits. As he squeezed her hard bud, she licked her lips and arched her back. His gaze drifted to her lips, and as quick as a snake, he captured her tongue. The quick nip sent a jolt of pleasure through her.

If she was dead, she was having the most erotic time ever and she never wanted it to end. James explored her mouth again while his hand kneaded her breast and his fingers kept her nipple perky. The kiss was powerful, intense, and held her attention until a warm wetness travelled along her inner thigh. She moaned softly, and spread her legs wider as Mark moved closer. James broke off the kiss, leaving her short of breath and highly aroused. He moved his right hand to her other tit, then in an instant he latched on to it.

She gasped in sudden joy as need zinged to the apex between her legs where Mark’s face was hovering. Lust masked his face as he stared at her pussy. She was so wet, hot, and fucking needy. James added to her distress as he sucked on her hard pearl and tweaked the other. Ecstasy built feverishly within her and she tried to control it. But when Mark parted her wet folds and licked her she nearly exploded in bliss.

Rapture engulfed her as one man greedily cared for her breasts and the other ravaged her sex. So much passion. So much pleasure. They increased their efforts to relax her, or rather bring her closer to her release. Biting her lip, she squirmed underneath their kisses. Mark stroked and sucked on the swollen nub while pushing several digits into her. She was close to coming, so very close.


Her body tingled. Warmth coiled within her. Every nerve ending felt alive and sensitive. The two men worked to pleasure her with their lavish licks and kisses. Her control dwindled fast. She couldn’t take all the sucking and caressing any longer. The passionate attack on her was too much. When James bit her nipple, her orgasm came and she gasped loudly. Pleasure flowed through her in waves.

Mark continued licking her sweet spot, lengthening her orgasm. Two in less than an hour was a new record for her. Thomas and other men had sexually pleased her, but never had she come twice in such a short time. And—another first—she wanted more. She wanted both Mark and James to fill her with their cocks.

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