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Authors: Diane Thorne

Destined for love (page 6)

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“That was divine,” she said.

Mark lifted his head. “It was more than exquisite. I don’t recall tasting anything as delicious as you.”

James stopped suckling on her tit. He turned to face Mark. “My turn.”

“Of course.” Mark grinned and backed away from her.

Her heart picked up more beats. They were taking turns? Dear Lord, could she continue to let them take care of her? Hadn’t she had enough pleasure to relax peacefully? She could, but she craved more from them.

She hardly noticed Mark’s disappearance as James glided his fingers along the side of her body, giving her quite the chill. “Are you feeling better yet?”

She lightly chuckled. “Much better.”

James kissed her, and offered his tongue. She welcomed him into her mouth, and just that fast, desire sparked again between her legs. He pressed his body close to her and she felt heat radiating from him. His stiff member brushed against her thigh. Images of him pumping into her filled her mind. She wanted him.

Val twisted onto her side to face him while keeping her mouth glued to his. He wedged his arm underneath her then pulled her close. She curled her leg over his while he glided his hand down her back to her ass. Feeling his erection continue to press against her, she wedged her hand between their bodies and claimed hold of him.

“I want you, James. I want you inside me.” She rubbed her thumb over the bulbous head.

He kissed her neck, then her ear. “I’m happy to oblige.”

He rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him. Careful not to injure his solid member, she let go of it. She scooted over him and sat upright.

“Where did Mark disappear to?” she asked glancing behind her.

James slid his hands along the outside of her thighs and continued up until he cupped her breasts. “I like this view.” He jerked up and took a nipple into his mouth.

Val tossed her head back as the sudden erotic tingle coursed through her. She was hot and wet, ready to ride him. He released her sore nipple and took the other into his mouth, ravaging it with equal treatment.

“You make me feel so fucking good.” She gripped a handful of his soft hair and breathed in his scent. Although they’d bathed together, a hint of cinnamon still clung to him. Exotic.

He rolled his tongue from her breast to her lips. “I love tasting you. And you feel so soft.”

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, smashing her breasts against his chest. Then he covered her mouth with his and instigated another feverish kiss. Her temperature rose to a new high while the hunger between her thighs intensified. Slowly, he fell backwards, pulling her with him.

She prised her mouth away and rubbed her wet sex on him. “Please…”

He sucked in a deep breath. “Whenever you’re ready.”

She lifted her body and crawled back just enough until she hovered above his cock. James took his cock, rubbed the head over her clit then found her entrance. She bit her lip as she lowered herself. He stretched her inner walls, filling her with everything she had yearned for.

“You are so hot.” Gripping her hips, he pushed into her.

And he was incredibly big. She moaned in ecstasy, “Oh, yes.”

Following a deep breath, she began rocking back and forth, savouring the feel of him sliding inside her. Sweat broke out above her brow as she quickened her movements. She’d climaxed twice already, but another grew with each grinding motion.

James stared deeply into her eyes while he pumped into her. When his attention shifted past her, she wondered if Mark had returned. She received the answer as the bed shook behind her. Seconds later, two hands reached around and cupped her breasts.

He kissed her shoulder. “Don’t mind me.” He nuzzled against the back of her head. “I love your scent.”

James slipped his fingers between her pussy lips and rubbed her nub. Desire consumed her once again as each man took a role in pleasuring her. She tossed her head back and leaned against Mark as she continued riding James.

“Taste her,” Mark said. “I guarantee you’ll agree she’s the sweetest thing.”

James removed his digits and licked them. His eyes closed for a second and mumbled. “My God.”

“Divine,” Mark said as he quickly filled the vacancy.

The need for release escalated with each pinch of her nipple and tweak of her clit. She reached behind her and ran her fingers through Mark’s soft hair. His hard erection pressed against her back as he moved in rhythm with her body.

“Kiss me,” she said, her head turned to Mark.

He took hold of her cheek and secured her in a deep kiss by holding the side of her face. Warmth penetrated her skin, making her sweat more while he explored her mouth, stroking and playing tango with her tongue. Her body tingled and craved more. She was on the verge of a meltdown, or blissful explosion. Sex had never felt so good, so passionate. She wanted their kiss and touch to last forever.

“Don’t be afraid,” he whispered in her ear.

Afraid of what?She was so close to coming. When she felt one of his slick fingers breach her anus, she understood his words.

“Relax,” James said. “He won’t hurt you.”

She’d never had anal sex in her life. Never fucked two men at once either, but here she was with two. If she was ever going to experience two cocks pumping into her at the same time, why not now? Why not with two genies who clearly enjoyed pleasing her?

Mark pinched her clit. All her reservations drowned as an electrifying zing swirled in her belly and branched up to her sore nipples. He withdrew from her rear, then pushed his digit deeper. By the third time, she didn’t mind him in her ass at all.

“Fill me, Mark. I want to feel both of you inside me.”

He inserted another finger and stretched her. She slowed her movements to adjust to the additional intrusion. James gripped her butt cheeks, spreading them while Mark probed and inserted another digit. It was an odd feeling, yet she couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like with both men inside her and the three of them coming at once.How fucking erotic.

“I think she’s ready,” Mark said, as if he was announcing his intent.

She held still, staring at James as Mark slowly pushed his cock past her wet folds. He drove it deeper with little pumps.Holy fucking hell. She’d never felt such fullness in her life. She breathed heavily.

“I think I’m in heaven, James,” Mark said, then moved his other hand between her legs. “She’s hot and tight.”

“Don’t you dare hurt her,” James warned.

“Never. I’ve got the Vaseline right here if I need more.”

Well the lubricant explained how he had managed to slide in and out so easily. She’d thought for sure she’d feel pain, but she hadn’t. Not once.

Together, they worked in a steady rhythm, grinding and thrusting. Ecstasy consumed her. Her orgasmic rollercoaster climbed higher and higher with each pump. Mark continued to tease her clit while James kneaded her breasts. She gasped for air, moaned louder and louder. Her body hummed and burned. Sweat trickled from her temple. She couldn’t hold back any longer. Her powerful release came with a scream loud enough to startle the neighbours.

James thrust one last time before his climax exploded and filled her with hot fluid. Mark pumped into her a few more times. He groaned when his release came. Deep inside her, she felt the violent beat of his erection.

Exhausted and floating in a heavenly cloud, she relaxed onto James. He kissed her forehead and peeled away the hair stuck to the side of her face. Her body burned from the inside and out, but she didn’t care. Euphoria spread through her from her lively orgasm and that of her two genies.

Mark gently grazed his fingers down her back. “Pure beauty, unlike any other.” He kissed her shoulder.

“Mm-hmm…yes.” James planted another kiss above her nose.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her day of bad luck had to be over. Two men had pleased her in a way most women could only fantasise about. How could her life get any worse? She couldn’t see how, when two genies were there to help her, and give her all the tender loving care she required.

She couldn’t wait to explore the possibilities with them.


Chapter Six




“Look at her,” Mark said as he set the plate full of bacon on the table, next to the mountain of pancakes and bowl of mixed fruit. “She’s absolutely glowing.”

Wearing navy blue boxers and one of Thomas’ white cotton T-shirts he’d left behind, Mark sat in the chair next to her. The shirt fit snugly on him, emphasising every exquisite muscle in his chest. Val’s tender nipples hardened under her fleece robe, excited by the sight of him. Smiling, she leaned her elbows on the dining room table and clasped her hands together under her chin.

“Thanks to you two, I’m happy and relaxed.”

She snatched one of the strips of bacon and chomped on it while holding a grin. Elation filled her soul, except her body ached. She told herself the soreness in her breasts and legs was a pleasant reminder of her joyous time with them. James and Mark had pleasured her all night and most of the morning. She’d lost count of the orgasms, but she knew it was a world record for her. The two men had amazed her with their energy and gentle care as they’d explored different positions together. She’d never met a man like either of them before. Every time she looked at their handsome bodies, desire sparked between her legs and she wanted them to touch and kiss her all over again.

James sat across the table. He’d dressed in his button-down shirt, and had left it gaping open. He grabbed a fork and claimed several of the pancakes. “It’s good to see you relaxed.”

Mark took the bowl of fruit and dumped several pieces onto her plate. “Trust me when I say it was our pleasure to help you.”

A strawberry rolled close to the edge. She grabbed it before it could touch the table. “A girl could get used to this sort of treatment.”

The sex, the food and the company were enough to make her want to hibernate in her apartment with them and forget about all of her other tasks. It was the weekend, after all. Delaying her search for apartments and jobs wouldn’t hurt.

“I think she genuinely likes us, James.”

“What woman wouldn’t?” She bit into the wet strawberry.

“The keyword is ‘genuinely’,” James said as he poured syrup on his stack of pancakes. “The women we’ve met in the past have been…” He looked at Mark.

“Selfish and greedy?”

“Concerned with making their wishes as fast as they could.” James finished as he set the syrup bottle on the table.

Mark finished chewing on a chunk of cantaloupe. “That’s putting it nicely.”

“You mean they didn’t take time to think about their wishes?” Val asked.

James shook his head. “Not really. Once they understood what we were, they fired off their requests, which were usually for money, wealth, or power. The few that did consider their wishes focused on just that, and not on what we could offer.”

“They missed out.” Val lifted her glass of orange juice then sipped the fluid while she gazed at each man.

James’ comment had stunned her. She couldn’t imagine making wishes without considering each one thoroughly. Hundreds of variables would come into play to narrow down a list of three. She could see how one might become obsessed with trying to find a good wish. For another matter, she was concerned with the wish backfiring. With her luck, if she wished for money, the police would show up and claim it was stolen, or the IRS would come looking to get their share. She would think seriously about her two wishes, and the consequences to come with them, but she wouldn’t let it control her life. She had too many problems to deal with, and quite honestly, she enjoyed the company of her two genies. Their handsome physiques and charming personalities, along with their cooking and cleaning skills, were admirable. She couldn’t ignore them.

Mark picked up his cup of coffee. “Have you thought about the two wishes you have remaining?”

“Not really. I’ve been a bit preoccupied.” She tossed a piece of melon into her mouth.

James carved a portion from his pancakes. “Do you have any idea at all what you want?”

She shook her head while she chewed. After she’d swallowed, she wiped her mouth with a napkin. “No. I mean, I have some ideas but I don’t think they will work out. I need to take care of some things first before considering what to wish for.”

“What kind of ideas do you have?” Mark set his coffee on the table.

“Mark, let her be.”

“I was trying to help.” He piled pancakes on her plate, then on his.

She grabbed the syrup. “Are you in a hurry or under any kind of deadline—?”

“No,” they both blurted out at the same time, making her chuckle.

“Take as much time as you need,” James said.

“We spend most of our time in a bottle. Even in spirit form, it’s snug. We highly value freedom, so please, take all the time you need. We’re not going anywhere.”

“Unless you want us to,” James said. “If you need privacy, just tell us to go home and we will. When you need us back, just call our names.”

Val inhaled a deep breath while she poured the syrup onto Mark’s plate. “I appreciate the information and everything you’ve done so far. The cooking, cleaning, and…” She paused and moved the bottle above her stack of pancakes. “Okay, the wonderful sex, too, has been beyond satisfying. You’re welcome to stay in my home, as long as I have one.”

Both men stared at her as they held their forks. “Just wonderful?” Mark asked.

She chuckled as she set the bottle on the table. “Amazing. Spectacular.”

“Earth shattering?” Mark grinned. “You wish you could feel such pleasure every night?”

“Mark!” James snapped.


James met her gaze. “Don’t answer that. He’s leading you.”

Val sat quietly. While the idea of having sex with both of them every night sure seemed like a damn good idea, she considered the consequences. A sore body would not help her get up and go to work. Achy legs might cause her to fall, or, at the very least, encourage her not want to move from the bed or sofa. Lastly, she didn’t want to force them to do anything against their will. Maybe they’d enjoyed the night as much as she had, but requiring them to repeat their actions nightly seemed a little like slavery. The power to live and think freely was a blessing.