Double the love (bwwm pregnancy romance novel)

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Double The Love


By Cleo Jones


Copyright © CleoJones 2015

Amazing Grace Publications


First Edition


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This book is a work of fiction. Anysimilarities to real people, places, or events are strictly coincidental. Allrights reserved. This book may not be reproduced or distributed in any formatwithout the permission of the author.


The author acknowledges thetrademarked status of products referred to in this book and acknowledges thattrademarks have been used without permission.


This BWWM pregnancy romance containsmature content, including graphic sex. Please do not continue reading if youare under the age of 18 or if this type of content offends you.


NOTE: All characters in this book are 18+ of age, non-bloodrelated, and all sexual acts are consensual.




This book is dedicated to my husband,who came into my life right when I needed him the most.


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 Jasmine bit down on her bottom lip and gave Liam a coy smileas he pulled her through the crowd of gyrating bodies that surrounded them. Shewas wearing a tight pair of shorts and a tank top from her rehearsal earlier,and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. As teen movie-typical as it was forhim to be lusting after the girl next door, he was far too drunk to listen tothe tiny voice in the back of his head that was telling him to stop before itwas too late.


Instead, he did what he alwaysdid.


He gave in.


Jasmine let out a soft gasp asLiam closed the door to his bedroom and pulled her into a desperate kiss. Maybeit was the alcohol, or the years of unresolved sexual tension between them, butit wasn’t long before she found herself kissing him back. His lips moved slowlyand with purpose, and she watched through heavy lidded eyes as he removed hertank top and tossed it to the ground, allowing the party unfolding on the otherside of the wall to blur into the background.


“Don’t stop,” Jasmine gasped.


Liam unclasped her bra andgroaned when her full breasts dropped into his palms. “Jazz, you’re crazy ifyou think I’m capable of stopping now,” he whispered, pushing her onto his bedand pressing a trail of wet kisses down her dark flesh.


Jasmine failed to contain alaugh. “We can’t stand each other,” she mumbled. “I think the fact that this ishappening is crazy enough as it is.”


Liam didn’t refute herstatement. He continued kissing her neck instead, unlatching himself from herjust long enough to pull his t-shirt over his head.


Jasmine didn’t realize theywere both completely naked until his strong body was on top of hers. His touchignited each one of her senses, and all she could focus on was the warmth ofhis bare flesh against hers. For one brief moment, she let go of her womanistprinciples and allowed herself to be owned by him. She was his, and the faint markshe was leaving behind on her flesh were as clear a representation of that asany.


Jasmine didn’t think about hervirginity, or the fact that she’d never be able to get this moment back. Shewanted it, and as crazy as it seemed given their lifelong hatred for eachother, she wanted it with Liam. His dick throbbed with need, and he took amoment to search her face for any signs of hesitation before thrusting sharplyforward.


Liam groaned as Jasmine’s tightwalls clenched around his length, but he kept a steady pace to keep himselffrom finishing too soon. He could tell he wasn’t going to be able to last verymuch longer in his current state, but he was feeling generous, something herarely ever was, and he wanted her to finish first.


Jasmine moaned and arched intohim, clawing into his back as her pleasure overcame her. It seemed as thougheach one of his thrusts were deeper than the last, and eventually the slightpain she was feeling disintegrated under the mind numbing pressure of herrelease. “Faster,” she urged him, gripping at his shoulder blades in an attemptat speeding up his.


Liam didn’t need the coaxing,however. His face twisted up with pleasure as he came, and he finished with afew slow thrusts and a low grunt before collapsing on top of her.


They laid in silence for a fewminutes, both of them basking in the aftershock of what they had just done as athousand jumbled thoughts rushed through their heads.


Jasmine was first to breakthrough the quiet. “Wow,” she whispered, struggling to catch her breath.


Liam sat up and went to rolloff the condom, and that’s when he noticed the small tear in it. “Yeah,” hewhispered, staring down at it in disbelief. “My sentiments exactly…”


Chapter one

“How are you feeling?”


Jasmine pulled her gaze fromher reflection and met eyes with her publicist. As usual, his expression waslaced with concern. It seemed like all he did these days was worry about her,or more precisely, whether or not she’d be able to continue writing hispaychecks in four months time.


“I'm fine, Eli,” Jasmine spokeup, breathing out an elongated sigh as she turned back towards her reflection.She was gettingsosick of him askingher that.


Jasmine rolled her eyes andreached down to adjust her dress on her waist. She was glad that her stylistfollowed her instructions and got her something loose to wear for thisperformance. It was becoming increasingly more difficult for her to keep thissecret with every passing day. The last thing she needed was the press talkingmore than they already were.


Jasmine tensed when she felt apair of calloused hands begin to knead her back. Eli bent down behind her andrested his chin on her shoulder, keeping his eyes steadied on hers in themirror as he spoke. “I'm worried about you. You've bailed on rehearsal everyday this week.”


“I'm fine,” Jasmine repeated ina firmer tone. She faked a smile and picked up a make-up brush to finishretouching her foundation. “This carrying a child thing is just a little new tome, that’s all, but I promise you have nothing to worry about. I had the soundassistant grab me some tea and I took a nap in my trailer. I'll be ready fortonight's show. You have my word.”


Eli pulled up a chair from theother side of the dressing room and sat down beside her. “Well you only have afew more months to go right?”


Jasmine nodded but herexpression remained somber. A few more months seemed like a lifetime.


“See?” Eli continued. “Thefinish line is near. You’ll be able to get back to normal in no time.”


“Eli, my life is never going tobe normal again,” Jasmine reminded him for what felt like the millionth time.“I’m having a baby. Being a mother is a lifelong gig.”


“I know, I know,” Eli said in acautious tone. “It's just...haveyou thought about how hard it’s going to be? About what it might do to yourcareer? Jazz, you’re just starting to find your footing in this industry. Ijust think you need to explore all of your—”


“I'll cope,” Jasmine spoke up,cutting him off. She was so not in the mood for this spiel again.


Eli sighed and lookedthoughtful for a moment. “Jazz,” he said in a cautious tone. “I hate to do thisto you, but…”


The anxiety in Eli’s voice madeJasmine turn to meet his gaze. “What?” she pressed, feeling a sick feelingsurface in the pit of her stomach. The only difference was that this time itwasn’t the baby. “Oh god, you’re not about tofireme, are you?”


“Of course not,” Eli firedback. “It’s just…he’sback. A bouncerjust spotted him entering the club, but he has a ticket this time. We can’tjust kick him out.”


Jasmine didn’t need to ask whohewas. “Shit,” she muttered, reachingup to rub away the tension building in her temples. This was the very lastthing she needed right now.


Eli gave Jasmine a sympatheticlook. “I know,” he said, noting her distress. At this point he was well awareof the effect Liam’s presence had on her.


Jasmine sat up straighter andstruggled to pull herself together. “Well did he at least come alone thistime?” she questioned.


Eli nodded and Jasmine let outa breath of relief. At that moment, one of the show runners knocked on herdressing room door and entered before she could say anything. His name wasStephen, and he was the sort of man who looked like he’d eaten one too manyTwinkies in his lifetime.


“You're on,” Stephen said toJasmine without looking up from his clipboard. “And try to actually seem likeyou’re enjoying yourself tonight, alright sweetheart? We aren’t paying you fora lullaby. We’re paying you for a performance.”


Stephen turned to Eli andpointed a stubby finger at him. “And last I checked, we aren’t paying you tosit in here and gab with her. You’re needed backstage.”


Eli and Jasmine both nodded,but as soon as Stephen’s back was turned, they snickered and rolled their eyes.


“Well, alright then,” Jasminesaid as she dabbed a final layer of gloss onto her lips. “Duty calls.”


Eli waited for Martin todisappear before grabbing hold of Jasmine by the arm. “I’ll make sure hedoesn’t cause any trouble,” he assured her, picking up right where theirconversation had left off.


“Trust me, you don't need toworry about Liam,” Jasmine insisted. “I’ve been dealing with him since I wasfive years old. He’s like a housefly…annoying but harmless.”


Eli fixed his dark eyes ontohers. “Yeah, but things are a little different now don’t you think?” hecountered, flicking his gaze down to her stomach, where a small bump was threateningto expose itself through the silk fabric of her dress.


Jasmine swallowed hard. “Iknow,” she whispered, adjusting the material to disguise her stomach. “But thisisn’t his problem.” A sad sigh escaped her mouth before she could reel it backin. “It’s mine.”




Stepping on stage to perform infront of hundreds never got any less nerve-wracking. Each time Jasmine did it,she felt the exact same way she had during each one of her high school talentshow performances. Of course, the glaring differences were that her singing hadimproved by leaps and bounds since then, and her band was a hell of a lotbetter too. It didn’t matter that she didn’t know any of them by name.


As talented as they were, theywere still meager session musicians scrapping to make ends meet. Jasmine was asigned performer. There wasn’t much they had in common, but she envied them allthe same. She could do without having to stress her vocal cords during hersecond trimester, but a contract was a contract. There wasn’t any backing out.Not without a world of legal trouble anyway.


Jasmine would never admit italoud, but she was counting down the days until her duties to her record labelwould be up. Performing every other night was becoming a little too much forher to handle in her condition. In an ideal world, she would have retired along time ago to concentrate on her studies like most people her age, but shecouldn’t. She needed to make her money while the sun was still shining, becausewhat would come of her career after she gave birth was entirely up in the air,and the only person she could really depend on was herself.


It wasn't that Jasmine’s familydidn’t care about her. She knew they did, a hell of a lot actually, but therehad been a strain in their relationship ever since she became famous. Shewasn’t about to go crawling back to them now. Especially since this was hermistake.




Every time Jasmine thought theword, she silently apologized to the tiny life growing inside of her. The actitself had been a mistake, but the result? Well, it went without saying thatshe was already in love with the little person she was incubating.

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