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Ethan (alluring indulgence)

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By Nicole Edwards

The Club Destiny Series:








The Alluring Indulgence Series:




Holidays with the Walker Brothers


The Devil’s Bend Series:

Chasing Dreams








AnAlluring IndulgenceNovel

Book # 5



Nicole Edwards






Published by SLIndependent Publishing, LLC

PO Box 806,Hutto, Texas 78634


Copyright ©Nicole Edwards, 2013

All rightsreserved.


Kindle Edition


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EthanAnAlluring Indulgence Novelis a work of fiction. Names, characters,businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of theauthor’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actualpersons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales isentirely coincidental.


M/M Erotic Romance

Mature Audiences


This book containsmature, as well as sensitive content, and is meant for readers 18 and older.
















Love is Love



Lovewith all that you are

Table of Contents






















ChapterTwenty One

ChapterTwenty Two

ChapterTwenty Three

ChapterTwenty Four

ChapterTwenty Five

ChapterTwenty Six

ChapterTwenty Seven

ChapterTwenty Eight

ChapterTwenty Nine


ChapterThirty One

ChapterThirty Two

ChapterThirty Three

ChapterThirty Four

ChapterThirty Five

ChapterThirty Six

ChapterThirty Seven

ChapterThirty Eight

ChapterThirty Nine


ChapterForty One

ChapterForty Two





New Year’s Eve atAlluring Indulgence Resort


Keepinghis distance from Beau Bennett was proving to be harder than Ethan Walkeranticipated. Didn’t seem to matter how strong he was mentally or physically,when temptation was greater than all of his combined strengths, he foundhimself fighting a losing battle. Didn’t mean he wasn’t still trying.

AsEthan moved through the vast, airy room, watching the various couples andthreesomes, he wondered how he had ended up there. And yes, he was speaking inthe literal sense.

Thisresort, no matter how swank or howalluringhis brothers made it, justwasn’t his thing. He’d rather be at Moonshiners, sitting at the bar, drinking abeer and listening to the jukebox churn out tunes that were handpicked by thecrowd. Or hell, sitting on his couch, watching reruns ofanything,wasmore appealing than getting dressed up to watch people in various states ofundress in the lavish, kinky, sex resort that wasn’t even open to the publicyet.

Buthe wasn’t at Moonshiners, and he wasn’t at home on New Year’s Eve, which meantthe only upside was that there was an open bar.

SinceAlluring Indulgence Resort belonged to his brothers and they had gone throughthe hassle of inviting him, his conscience wouldn’t let him avoid the placeforever. His brothers were proud, and he wanted to come to show his support. Figuringonce would be enough, Ethan opted to make tonight that night so he wouldn’thave to come back in a couple of weeks when the place was open to the masseswho enjoyed being naked in public. Something Ethan definitely didn’t need tosee.

Despitethe fancy design, the stylish furniture and the impressive sound system, Ethanwasn’t much into it. Glancing down at his watch, he was eagerly counting downthe minutes until midnight when he could escape without feeling guilty.

Afterretrieving another beer from the bar, Ethan made his way to a far corner whereno one was currently undressed or performing some sort of godforsaken sexualact right there in the open for everyone to see. Maybe it was out of characterfor a Walker, based on his brothers’ reputations, but, no, he wasn’t into otherpeople watching him. Nor did he share his lovers.Ever. Call him oldfashioned, but he preferred the one on one in private.

Butyou liked when Beau watched.

Fuck.That wasnotthe same thing. And Ethan wouldn’t go so far as to believehe liked it.

However,the last person Ethan wanted to think about tonight was Beau. Or how Beau hadinadvertently shown up at the Walker Demolition shop just in time to watchBlake suck Ethan’s dick, just a few short weeks ago. Or how Ethan had purposelymade eye contact in the hopes that Beau would back off.

Nosuch luck.

Andthe kiss they had shared on Christmas was proof that Beau didn’t give up. Evenworse, that kiss only reaffirmed just how little resistance Ethan had to theman.

Beauseemed even more intent on testing Ethan’s good intentions these days, and hehated him for it. No, wait. That was a lie. He didn’t hate him. Hedespisedthe man because he wanted him so fucking much it hurt. And not just in thecarnal sense – although he’d grown accustomed to the ever-present physical achethat couldn’t be eased – which he knew was downright stupid.

Heand Beau had nothing in common, aside from the fact they shared the samecareer. Ethan was in the closet, perfectly satisfied with keeping the eyes ofthe town out of his business and Beau had recently had a come to Jesus momentor some shit. Ethan didn’t want to be Beau’s experiment and he damn sure didn’twant something as complicated as what Beau represented.

Listenhere you little piece of shit. Lay off me. Understand? You’re damn lucky Ihaven’t told Ethan what a fuck up you really are.


Heheard Beau’s warning in his head as clear as when he’d witnessed theconversation between Beau and Blake just a few minutes ago. He wanted tointerrupt, to ask Beau to clarify that statement, but he had opted to sit backand let the two of them duke it out.

Ashe peered across the dimly lit room, Ethan’s gaze landed smack dab on the oneman he wanted to avoid tonight. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t turnaway when Beau looked back at him. Beau’s gaze was like a heat-seeking missile,finding its intended target because Ethan’s blood was boiling with a desperateneed to find out what Beau actually had to offer him.



Itwasn’t like it could be anything else because Ethan didn’t want anything morecomplicated than that. And as far as his life went, sex was complicated enough.

Isuggest you get Ethan out of your system because the guy’s gonna kick your assto the curb soon enough. And I’m gonna be waiting. At that point, if you wantto chat about whose balls are bigger, you find me.

Hecould still hear the sexy, lethal tone of Beau’s voice, the way he put Blakeright in his place without ever laying hands on him.

Andfuck yeah, Ethan knew he should be offended for Blake, but in truth, hehonestly didn’t give a shit. Blake could pick his own battles, and if he wantedto provoke Beau then that was his business. Ethan had never claimed to beinterested in Blake for his intelligence. As it was, their “relationship” wasdecidedly less serious than Blake believed it to be. And Ethan knew good anddamn well that he wasn’t responsible for Blake’s misunderstanding of thesituation.


Sighing,Ethan took a lengthy swallow of his beer, his eyes still locked with Beau’sfrom across the dimly lit room. Without turning to look at Blake, he said,“Don’t call me that.”

“What?You don’t usually have a problem with it.”

Thehell he didn’t, but Blake had made a habit of not listening to Ethan when hespoke, so it wasn’t surprising that he acted as though this was the first timehe had heard it.

Lettingthe silence grab him by the throat and threaten to strangle him, Ethan wishedmidnight would hurry the hell up. He knew he shouldn’t have invited Blake,should’ve just attended this shindig solo, but he had an ulterior motive:keeping Beau at a safe distance. Granted, that plan had backfired almost as badas that piece of shit truck that his brother Sawyer had bought, souped-up andessentially ruined when he was a teenager.

“Wantto find somewhere quiet?” Blake asked, taking a step closer.

Instinctively,Ethan visually searched the open area, checking to see who might be watchingthem, or worse, listening.


Hell,there wasn’t a single person in the whole damn place who cared what he wasdoing. They were busy.Verybusy. And half of them were fucking naked,so he was the last thing on their minds, he was sure.

Well,tonight he’s mine. So why don’t you take a seat over there and watch the show.

Nocan do. I only like to watch when there’s satisfaction to be found by everyoneinvolved. But, you go find him and don’t try to think about who Ethan’s reallythinking about when he’s fucking you.

Achill ran down Ethan’s spine at the memory of Beau’s words. How the hell didthe guy know what was going on in his head? And who the fuck was he to make athreat like that?

Butno matter how pissed Ethan wanted to be at Beau’s imperious attitude, he wasstill strangely drawn to the resolute, commanding cadence he’d used and thetake-no-bullshit way he had handled Blake.

Fuck,it turned him on.

Butthe truth was, Ethan was there with Blake, not Beau. And it didn’t matter howmuch Beau was baiting him, tempting him to want something he shouldn’t, he knewwhat he needed. Or, more accurately, what hedidn’tneed. A simple fuckbuddy was working just fine. Or it had been before Beau started shouldering hisway into Ethan’s life. Uninvited.

Ethan’sworld was spinning quite nicely. No major hiccups, no drama to interfere withhis work, and no jealous lovers to have to deal with. He didn’t needcomplications. As far as he was concerned, alone was the only way to go. Theless people knew, the better off they were. His main focus was to ensure hedidn’t draw attention to himself, easy as that. And Ethan was quite contentwith keeping his personal life on the down low. Up to this point, it had workedjust fine for him.

Takinganother swig of his beer, Ethan tried to break eye contact with Beau. Tried andfailed. That electrical current that sparked between them was still there,still blinding with its intensity and he was hard pressed to look away. Therewas no denying the fact that he wanted Beau. And vice versa.

Hejust wasn’t going to act on that attraction.

“Comeon,” Blake encouraged, grabbing his arm securely and urging him toward theother side of the room.

Fallinginto step with Blake, Ethan thought for a second that he was going to have tobe the one to hold onto Blake. Blake was stumbling as he walked which meant hehad already overindulged.


Lookingup, Ethan realized they were heading in the direction he was trying to avoid.Closer to Beau. Although his mind was resisting the action, Ethan let his feetcarry him forward, his mouth a grim line as he focused on not looking at thesexy, blond cowboy casually watching them come toward him as though it didn’tbother him one bit. And maybe it didn’t.

Unableto help himself, Ethan looked at Beau, their eyes meeting, holding. They wereat a stalemate, and he hoped Beau understood that. He wasn’t backing down. Nomatter what. And it would do Beau a world of good to realize that. Ethan didn’twant to be an asshole, but he wasn’t looking for complicated, and Beau, fromwhat Ethan knew about him, was the epitome of complicated.

Handsome,smart, funny, sexy… and looking for something serious. That, by Ethan’sdefinition, was complicated.

“Let'shead in there,” Blake said loudly, pointing to a set of closed doors on thewall behind where Beau stood. “Crave’s not open yet, so we’ll have the placeall to ourselves.”

Ethanknew Blake was talking for Beau’s benefit and not his. He didn’t give a fuckwhere they went, and if Beau kept looking at him like that, Ethan was going tolose every ounce of his self-control. Resisting the guy was becoming harder andharder, and he had a feeling Beau knew that.

Wasthat why Beau was pursuing him? Because he knew Ethan would eventually cave? Ifthat were the case, then Beau had another lesson to learn. Ethan didn’t givein. What he and Blake had was all Ethan could afford – consistent sex with oneperson and no emotional entanglements. After all, Ethan wasn’t promiscuous, hejust wasn’t interested in anything long term.

Asthey passed Beau, Ethan continued to make eye contact, wanting to ensure thatBeau understood the rules of this game. Ethan was with Blake. He didn’t give ashit if it was just for sex, he was still with Blake. It would keep thepotential for anything serious at bay, and quite frankly, the sex was good.Slightly monotonous, but nothing to complain about.

Blakeopened the door toCrave, the night club within Alluring Indulgence thathis younger brother Zane was responsible for. And just like Blake predicted, noone was there. There were dim lights that ran along the perimeter of the room,but for the most part, they were immersed in darkness.

Beforehe could say a word, Ethan found himself pinned against the wall, Blake’s lean,corded body pressed firmly against his.

“Youdon’t know how bad I want you right now,” Blake said, his green eyes sparklingwith passion.

Ethanpictured brown eyes. Smoldering hot, intensely sexy, chocolate brown eyes.

Shakinghis head to dislodge the image of Beau, Ethan downed the rest of his beer andset the bottle on one of the spare tables lined up along the wall beside him.

“Showme,” Ethan taunted him, knowing just how much Blake liked to be dominated. Itwasn’t that Ethan favored being the top in his relationships, he actuallydidn’t give a shit either way, but it always seemed that he found submissivebottoms. Still, that was something he could deal with.

“Showyou?” Blake asked, a grin tipping the corners of his mouth.

Thatwas another thing about Blake, he enjoyed when Ethan told him what to do. Hecraved it. In an attempt to engage in the moment, Ethan did as Blake expected.“And if you really want to show me, you’ll get on your knees and suck my cock,”Ethan demanded, keeping his voice low, unyielding.

You’redamn lucky I haven’t told Ethan what a fuck up you really are.

Beau’svoice echoed through Ethan’s mind, and he actually glanced around to see if theman was there. He wasn’t.

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