Hostile home front [black ops brotherhood 2] (siren publishing classic)

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Black Ops Brotherhood 2

Hostile Home Front

Special Agent Gavin “Badass” Walsh of the FBI is sent to South Texas to investigate terrorist activities. While out on a disturbance call, Gavin encounters a mysterious seductress. Compelled to attend a local social function, Gavin is introduced to the woman who has become his growing obsession, Dr. Amy Livingston.

As they fall in love, they deal with challenges from their damaged pasts. After twenty four years as a SEAL, Gavin is haunted by demons of war. Amy carries on the quiet life of a librarian, but the facade hides a damaged soul.

As the pieces of a dangerous plot come together, Gavin must survive terrorists, dirty cops, and gangbangers all taking aim at him. Gavin walks a razor-thin line when terrorists decide to use Amy as bait. As Amy’s life hangs in the balance, Gavin realizes that failure is not an option to save the woman he loves.

Genre:Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

Length:73,892 words 



Black Ops Brotherhood 2






Bella Juarez










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To my family and friends who stood by me as I chased this crazy dream of writing. Again, thank you, Heather Rainier and Corinne Davies, for keeping me on track and keeping my projects on the rails as well as your friendship. Thank you, Stormy Pate, for beta reading my raw work and your second pair of eyes.

To those that inspired this novel, the men and women serving in the United States military both past and present. Thank you for your extraordinary character, dedication, and service. And, to the men and women who serve our communities in the field of law enforcement. Your service and dedication is a calling. Thank you for keeping us safe.

Thank you, Stephanie Shea at Siren Publishing, for your wonderful encouragement and editing skills. Goodness knows you have your work cut out with me.


Black Ops Brotherhood 2



Copyright © 2013






Chapter 1


1510 Blythe Road

Victoria, Texas

November 9, 2007/0030 Zulu


Lieutenant Gavin Walsh was on the way home when he heard a call come over the portable radio lying in the passenger’s seat. He was off duty, but less than a block away. It was a domestic disturbance near his duplex. He decided to answer the call himself. Pulling over, he picked up the radio.

“Dispatch, this is Walsh. I’m less than a block away from your Ten-Fifteen, I’ll check it out,” Gavin said.

“Ten-four, Lieutenant. Do you want me to call for backup?” the dispatcher replied.

“Negative, dispatch, I’ll call if I need you,” Gavin said.

Gavin drove a little farther and pulled up to a very nice suburban house with a manicured lawn and music blaring so loud it threatened to shake the windows loose from their frames. He knew this house. He passed it every morning on his run. He frowned. This was way out of place in this neighborhood.No wonder people are calling the cops. He pulled out his service weapon and checked it.You never know.

The Mexican Mafia was a very real danger in these parts and this was just their kind of setup, a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, with some very bad people inside. Gavin got out of his truck and approached the house with caution, looking around for signs of anything unusual. He heard a slight rustle and leveled his service revolver, aiming it in the direction of the noise. A very frightened old man threw up his hands.

“Jeysus!” the man exclaimed.

Gavin breathed a sigh of relief and lowered his weapon.

“A little jumpy, ain’t ya?” the man snapped.

“I’m a police officer. Someone called in a disturbance. And you are?” Gavin asked.

“Name is Norman Harborth. I live next door. ’Bout time you people show up, called y’all twice. Once at seven, right after it started. Then again about fifteen minutes ago,” the old man complained.

It was only seven thirty, Gavin observed. “Who lives here?”

“The Livingstons. Never heard a peep out of them ’til now. We tried calling, but no one’s answering.”

“Has there been anything unusual lately?”

“A U-Haul pulled up about nine months ago. My wife tells me they got a divorce, man moved out,” the old man said, jerking his thumb in the direction of the house next door.

Great! A domestic!The most unpredictable call a police officer could get was a domestic disturbance call. The ex would go away and then come back later, usually pissed off and drunk.

“Thank you, sir. Would you please return home? I’ll make sure they turn down the volume,” Gavin said. Mr. Harborth turned to leave but hesitated. “Sir. Now.”

At six foot one and powerfully built, Lieutenant Gavin Walsh was not a man to cross. Mr. Harborth left and Gavin watched as light filled the small porch next door and faded as the door closed. He turned back to his task at hand and took the sidewalk to the house. He knew with the noise inside there was no use trying to use the doorbell, so he lifted his fist and pounded on the door. Gavin smiled at the music selection he was hearing. “Baby Got Back.”He had always liked that song. He kind of liked a woman with someback. The kind of skinny groupies he usually attracted did nothing for him. He pounded on the door again as he sang along with the song in his head.

Gavin knew it was a futile effort. With that music there was no way anyone would hear him. He turned and looked toward the street. He raised his fist and started to pound again, surprised when his fist found empty air. The door had opened while he was looking away. He had to look down at the brunette who had opened it. If she had been a couple of inches taller, he would have coldcocked her.

Gavin’s jaw dropped slightly. She was dressed in a button-down shirt with only two buttons at her midriff fastened. The shirt was fitted to her curvy figure. It opened to a black lace padded push-up bra that enhanced her already full breasts. The matching black lacy boy shorts didn’t show everything, but they didn’t need to. She was sending the message just fine. Her full, luscious legs were bare. She looked like something out of the pages of Victoria’s Secret, only she wasn’t anorexic.She’s perfect!That damn song kept running through his head as he tried to concentrate on his task. They stared at each other for a moment. The lyrics playing in the background were describing her perfectly.

“Yes,officer?” she purred.

The sultry voice matched the sexy body. Gavin was hypnotized. She had given him an instant hard-on. He had been in Victoria, Texas, for almost six months and wondered where the hell this sexy thing had been hiding. He couldn’t help but compare this little hottie to that song as it kept playing along.

Gavin winced as his dick lurched at the thought that ran through his head.I want to stick it to her all right…Somewhere in the distance Gavin heard himself finally speak.

“Ma’am, I need to ask you to turn down the music. Your neighbors have called in a complaint to the police department,” he said as professionally as he could manage.

“Oh?” she said in a sultry voice.

“Yes, ma’am. Could you please turn down the music?” Gavin asked again.

“What are you planning on doing if I don’t,officer?” she countered.

Something in the way she saidofficerdidn’t sound right. Gavin tore his stare away from the succulent plaything standing before him and glanced over to the house next door. He had to think, but it was getting very difficult at the moment because all the blood in his brain had drained to his dick in a matter of seconds. He returned his glance directly to the woman’s face. He tried not to let his eyes feast on her body.

“Ma’am, I think you might be expecting someone else. I am therealpolice and you need to turn down the music,” Gavin said more firmly.

“Or what? Will you handcuff me and take me…away?” she purred.

Gavin looked away and cleared his throat. He wanted totakeher all right, and his cock was protesting the fact that he had a job to do first.

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