Mick sinatra 4: if you don't know me by now (page 2)

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“But why somany?” Tamron wanted to know.

“Two for thedayshift,” Roz informed her. “Two forthe overnight shift. He doesn’t wantanybody tired and overworked. He wantsthem to be alert and fresh at all times.”

“Oh, okay,”Tamron said. “So there aren’t fourdifferent nannies running around in your household at one time?”

“Oh,heaven’s no. Two at a time.”

“But still,”Tamron said. “Why didn’t you just putyour foot down and say one is enough?”

“Because oneisn’t enough,” Roz admitted. “I workfulltime plus. Mick works fulltimeplus. We both have slowed downconsiderably, to be with the twins, but we still have to do what we have todo. Gloria, Teddy, and Joey help outtoo, but none of them have ever had children of their own, so they still needthe nannies handy. But when the twins geta little older, like six months old, we’ll start taking them to work with usand hopefully know what we’re doing by then. But right now, Mick doesn’t want them out of the house.”

“He is sodomineering!” Tamron said. “That’s why Icould never marry an Italian. I canbarely handle a black man and his domineering ways. But Mick? He is too much! The twins can’t leave the house? Please. I’m surprised he letyououtof the house.”

“He didn’twant me out, believe that,” Roz admitted with a chuckle. “He gave it a good try. But he knew better than that. I have a company to run too, and you can onlydo just so much from home. Especiallywhen I have actors and actresses and singers and comedians constantly in needof my intervention. I thank God for eachand every one of those nannies. I’mgrateful Mick loves my black ass enough, as you put it, to hire each and everyone of them.” Roz finally saw thelingerie she was looking for. “And he’sreally going to love it tonight when I put this on.”

Tamronsmiled. “That is lovely.”

“Oh,yes.” It was red and white, lace andfrills. “Beautiful.”

Tamron, asif realizing an obvious truth, looked at her. “Wait a minute. Six weeks? You had those baby six weeks ago and nowyou’re buying fancy lingerie? Are youtelling me, are you implying that Mick, of all people, hasn’t touched you duringyour postpartum period?”

Roz found itremarkable too, given Mick’s appetite for sex. “That’s right,” she said. “Mydoctor advised against it, and he’s honoring that.”

“But doctorsadvise against all kinds of ridiculous things! I’ve had three babies and I’ve never known a man who still didn’t getsome however way they could. Even beforethe bleeding stopped!”

But shedidn’t know Mick, Roz thought. “I thinkI’m going to purchase this set,” she said.

“Wow,”Tamron said, still amazed. “No sex insix weeks? In a month and a half? You’dbetter watch out tonight, girl. Mick theTick, as inMick the ticking time bomb,is going to break that thang.”

“I hope so,”Roz said, and Tamron laughed. But Rozwas serious. She was as horny as Mickhad to be. “I sincerely hope so!”


Thenightclub was rocking and Teddy, Gloria, and Joey were sitting together at aVIP table. All three could have haddates, but they wanted it to be a siblings’ night out.

“If the twinswere here,” Gloria quipped, “this would be perfect!”

Teddylaughed. “Dad won’t let Roz take themoutside, and you want them here? I thinktheir clubbing days are a long way from now.”

“I think meand Baby Jackie are going to be close,” Joey said. “Every time I go to the house and sees her,she smiles at me. Nobody else. Just me.”

“What aboutyou and Mick, Junior?” Gloria asked.

Joey shookhis head. “Forget about it! Every time I glance at Junior he’s staring atme like I’m crazy or something. I said,yep. Another Dad on our hands.”

Teddy andGloria laughed.

“I don’tknow what you’re laughing at, Teddy,” Joey said. “Junior may act like Dad, but you look likehim.”

“I’msaying,” Gloria said.

“Our fatheris a very attractive, desirable man so I consider that a compliment,” Teddyresponded, raised his glass in a one-man toast, and drank more champagne.

Joey shookhis head. “He doesn’t get it,” he saidto Gloria.

“I don’t getwhat?” Teddy asked.

“That it’snot cool to look like Dad,” Joey reminded him. “What if you get mistaken for him? With all his enemies? It could belights out, Irene, for your cocky ass.”

Teddychuckled. Joey, the youngest of thethreesome, worked as a supervisor in the mailroom of Sinatra Industries. Gloria, in her early-twenties, was on theirfather’s executive assistant staff and worked just outside of his office. Teddy was working for him too, but they hadno idea to what extent. They had no ideathat he was now fully entrenched, not in Sinatra Industries, but in Mick theTick’s Mafia activities. They had noclue that their big brother was now their father’s enforcer.

“What wouldreally set it off,” Gloria said, “is if Adrian could have been here.” Adrian was their deceased oldest brother.

“Yeah,” Joeysaid. “I know he had problems, someserious issues, but he was alright with me. I miss the A-train.”

“I don’t,”Teddy said bluntly. “He would havekilled Dad if Dad wasn’t smarter than he was. He would have took Dad away from us. Forget that shit. I’m not missinghim at all. He got what he deserved asfar as I’m concerned.”

Gloria andJoey looked at each other. It wasunspoken among them, but they both knew a profound truth. Teddy didn’t just look like their father, hewas becoming their father right before their very eyes. It had been less than two years since Micklet them into his world beyond just throwing money at them, and he was justbeginning to let them dip their feet into his inner circle. But Teddy, to theirsurprise and sometimes envy, wasn’t just dipping his feet in, but had taken aseat right dab in the middle of that circle.  He didn’t work at the company, but he was always at their father’sside. He and Dad were becoming veryclose. Gloria and Joey had grown closerto Mick too, but they knew they still had a long way to go before all of theirpast issues with Mick’s absence in their lives could be completelyovercome. But Teddy seemed to already beat that place. They couldn’t understandwhy.

And theydidn’t question it. Mainly because theyfeared their father would knock them through a wall if they dared to questionhim. But also because they feared theanswer. Teddy used to leave town on longso-called business trips that seemed shady to them even then. Was he already involved in the underworldback then? They sipped more champagneand left that subject alone.

“But forreal though,” Joey said, moving on from any discussion of their father or theirdeceased brother or even Teddy, to his appreciation of good, rap music. He began bouncing to the beat, with the goldchains he wore around his neck bouncing too. “At least the music is dope in here.”

“You likerap music, don’t you?” Gloria asked him.

“Love it,”Joey said. “The only truly authenticAmerican music out there. And yeah, Ilike it. I like this place too. This place is tight.”

Gloriaagreed and started moving to the rhythm of the beat, and she and Joey startedto get up and dance. Until one of herex’s spied her, and decided to leave his table and walk over to hers.

He was olderthan Gloria, as all of her former boyfriends were, and was a tall white guy,and slender. He was also very goodlooking, another one of her must-haves. “What’s up?” he asked her.

“What’s upwith you?”

“Chillin’.” He looked down, from Gloria’s gorgeous faceto her gorgeous body. “I haven’t beenseeing you around, though.”

“I’ve beenaround,” Gloria said. “Just not aroundyou.”

The guysmiled, but Teddy could see something else at work.

“I heard youwere working at Sinatra Industries now. I heard you had moved on up in this world.”

“Troy, whatdo you want?” Gloria was blunt. Shewasn’t trying to pretend she held anything for him but contempt.

But Teddysaw hope in Troy’s eyes. Troy wasn’tready to concede that he blew it when he cheated on her. From what Teddy could tell, Troy wanted asecond chance with Gloria. What Teddyknew for a fact, however, was that Gloria never gave cheaters a secondchance.

Troy,unwisely, Teddy thought, decided to push harder. He nodded toward Teddy and Joey. “Who are they?” Troy asked.

At first,Gloria didn’t want to bother with a response. But if that would get rid of him faster? “My brothers,” she said.

She couldtell he didn’t believe her. “Oh, yeah?”he asked. Then he looked at them. “Hey,brothers,why don’t you guys get lost for a few? Iwanna talk to your sister.”

“Man,please,” Gloria said with a frown, as she looked away from him at the dancerson the floor. “I don’t have anything tosay to your cheatin’ ass.”

The guy wasimmediately offended and Teddy could see it.

“Oh, soyou’re big and bad now? Around yourso-calledbrothers? You’re having a field day now? You wasn’t so big and bad, wasn’t having sucha field day, when you was sucking my dick.”

Joeyimmediately jumped up, ready to beat that guy’s ass, but Teddy pulled him backdown.

Joey, andGloria were astounded. Joey looked at Teddy. “So you’re gonna let this punk talk to our sister like that? You’re gonna let him get away with that,Teddy?”

“Stay out ofit,” Teddy said.

“Stay out ofit?” Joey asked, still astounded.

Troylaughed. “Yeah, little man, stay out ofit,” he said to Joey. Then he looked atGloria, with nothing but pure hatred in his eyes. “We’ll meet again,” he said. “Bet that.” And then he left.

Teddy,knowing danger when he sensed it, pulled a couple hundred out of his pocket,tossed them on the table, and began moving. “Let’s go,” he said to his younger siblings.

“Go?” Joeyasked. “Why do we have to go?”

“Let’s go,Joey,” Teddy said. “You’ve got a problemwith what I’m saying to you?”

Joey hadmany problems with what he was saying, and so did Gloria. They didn’t see how some punk should run themout of the club. It made them look likepunks. But their father had already madeone thing perfectly clear to them: when he or Roz wasn’t around, Teddy was incharge. If he ever heard that theydisobeyed a direct order from Teddy, they would have to answer to him.

With that inmind, Joey and Gloria both did as they were ordered, and left the club.

But theydidn’t leave completely. They walkedout, got into Teddy’s Land Rover, and then Teddy turned and looked atGloria. “Would you know his car onsight?” he asked her.

Gloria,sitting on the front seat beside him, was at first baffled. “Troy’s car?” She thought about it. “Yeah,” shesaid.

“Let’s gofind it then,” Teddy said, and smiled.

Gloriaturned around and glanced at Joey. Joeyhunched his shoulders. Maybe Teddy wasgoing to key the guy’s car or something. It was underhanded, and kind of punkish if you asked Joey, but Teddy wasin charge.

They drovearound the parking lot of the nightclub until they found the car they weresearching for: a Dodge Charger.

“Are yousure this is his?” Teddy asked.

“I’mpositive,” Gloria responded. “Why? What are we going to do?”

Teddy swunghis SUV around, and then backed it in beside the Dodge. “We’re going to wait,” he said to hissiblings.

“Wait?” Joeyasked. “Wait for what? I thought it was over.”

Teddy lookedat his kid brother through his rearview mirror. “Over? Are you out of yourfucking mind? This shit is justbeginning. You think we’re going to letsome cocksucker talk to our sister that way and get away with it?”

Joey wasslow to understand, but when he did, he smiled. “No,” he said. “Not on yourlife.”

And sureenough, when Troy finally made his way out of the club, with some random girlhe undoubtedly just picked up on his arm, it all began.

Teddy andJoey flung open the doors of the SUV, stepped out swiftly, and was upon Troybefore he knew what hit him. Teddymainly did the honors, beating the shit out of Troy as his girlfriend fell backand screamed. Gloria got out too. She wanted a lick or two in herself.  Not just for disrespecting her tonight, butfor disrespecting her by cheating on her to begin with.

But beforeshe could join the boys, Troy’s lady friend joined her, and began to beat herass. Gloria fought back. She and the girl were first pulling eachother’s hair, and then rolling on the ground fighting. But in the end it was no contest. Gloria was getting the better of that fight,just as Teddy and Joey were getting the best of theirs. 

It was soone-sided that Joey stopped. He wasn’ttrying to kill the guy, after all. ButTeddy was still at it. As if he was. He was stomping on the man like the man wasbeneath a dog. He was kicking him in thehead, in the face, in the ribs. Bloodwas everywhere, a crowd had assembled outside, and sirens were being heard.

By the timeJoey grabbed Gloria off of the girlfriend, and they began to hurry to the SUVto get away from there before the cops showed up, Teddy was still beatingTroy’s ass. It was as if he had blackedout from reality and had no clue about anything or anybody else. Joey, astonished that his big brother didn’t seemto hear, or care about the fast approaching sirens, hurried back out of the SUVto grab Teddy.

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