Mick sinatra 4: if you don't know me by now (page 4)

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“Troy startedit, Dad,” Gloria insisted. “You shouldhave heard the vile things he said about me.”

“Reallyvile,” Joey said. “We couldn’t just sitthere and let him disrespect her like that. We couldn’t let him get away with doing that to her. Not to our own sister!”

“That’s whythe prosecutor didn’t press charges,” Teddy joined in. Mick wore his long coat, and was walking fastas it flared around him, and they were all fighting to keep up. “She knew it was a load of bullocksanyway. Those cops arrested us becauseof our name, Dad. For no otherreason. They arrested us because we’reyour children!

Mick turnedaround and hit Teddy with a roundhouse right that was so devastating Teddyinvoluntarily fell to his knees. Stunnedby the violence, Gloria and Joey stopped walking and backed up.

“Get yourass up!” Mick yelled, and Teddy, terrified of his father’s wrath, quickly stoodup. He rubbed his throbbing chin.

But Mickwasn’t through with him yet. “You’re theoldest,” he said angrily to Teddy. “Itold them that when I’m not around, or my wife, you’re in charge. You look out for them. You don’t get them arrested, you get themaway from the scene of the crime!”

“But youdidn’t hear what he said about Gloria,” Teddy said.

“I don’tgive a fuck what he said!” Mick blared. Joey and Gloria backed up even further. “I didn’t say don’t kick his ass. You were right to kick his ass. But your asses got caught! Thatmeant you weren’t my children, you were just another bunch of dago thugs on thestreet! You dishonored my name tonight!”

“But whatelse could Teddy do,Pop?” Joey wanted to know. “We had to jump’em!”

“With brainsyou jump,” Mick said. “Not withemotion! You wait until that suckerdrives home and you follow his ass. Andthen, maybe not tonight, maybe not even tomorrow night, but when he leastexpects it you take care of him. You useyour brains!” Mick hit two fingersagainst his own forehead. “You never getcaught!”

They allstared at their father. They thought hewas being unreasonable. They weren’thardened gangsters like him. Theyweren’t even gangsters at all! How couldhe expect them to know all of that?

But Mickknew they had to learn it. Because itwas fear that was driving his rage. Hedidn’t want to see his children rotting away in some prison because they didn’tknow what the hell they were doing. Andhe knew he had to teach them. He kneweventually they would have to come in. They were his children, after all, and they were no longer in theshadows. It was no longer a secret to anyone. They had to be smart when they wereconfronted.

“Get in thecar,” he ordered all of them as his limousine drove over to them. Gloria and Joey got in.

Mick watchedas Teddy knocked the dirt off of his pants, and fought back tears, and wasabout to get in too. But Mick pulled himback. After what happened to Adrian, itnow hurt him to his heart to have to harm his children. Especially Teddy, who’d been proving himselftime and time again. “I want you to meetwith Granville Wallace.”

Teddy wasstill smarting from his father’s punch, and the tears were still fighting toflow, but he held on. “The mayor?”

Micknodded. “The mayor,” he said. “I want you to get a good deal for us.”

Teddy didn’tunderstand what his father meant, but he was already learning not to questionhim. Especially since everything he toldthem about that fight tonight was absolutely right. And he knew it was right. “Yes, sir,” he said, and got into the limo.

After Mickgot in, his driver drove and dropped off first Gloria, and then Joey, and thendropped Teddy off. They all said goodnight to Mick, but Mick didn’t utter a word to them. When he was alone in the car, he leaned back.

“Where next,boss?” his driver asked.

“Home,” Micksaid. “To my wife.”

           CHAPTER FOUR 

The twinswere fast asleep by the time Mick dawned the door of their nursery. He leaned against the doorjamb and watchedthem with pure adoration. They wereplump babies, with Mick, Junior a little plumper than Jacqueline, but they werethe most beautiful babies in the world to him. Brown skin, curly brown hair, green eyes. Just adorable. Their two nannies were up and about, cleaningthe room supposedly, but Mick figured it was probably an act. They were trying to impress him. Not that it mattered. There were so many nanny cams in their house,on their phones, and at their offices that if one of them so much as sneezedinappropriately around the twins, Mick or Roz would know.

He looked afew minutes longer at the twins and then made his way to the far wing of thehouse, to the master bedroom. He was sotired he could barely stand. He hadwanted this night to be such a special night, but those amateur hour childrenof his had to go and get themselves arrested. And the mayor and his nonsense. Mick was done.

When heopened the double doors of the bedroom, and saw Roz lying across the bed stillfully dressed in her work clothes, fast asleep, he smiled. She was done too. It was well after midnight, after all, andshe’d had a long, hard day at work. Hepushed away from the doorjamb, walked over to the bed, and laid on the bedbeside her. He pulled her into his arms,turned onto his back, and then pulled her completely on top of him.  She snuggled against him, and even woke upmomentarily, but she was right back fast asleep. He bear hugged her and smiled. This was supposed to be their big night aftersix weeks of abstinence, and now they both weren’t worth a damn. 

And soonMick, holding onto his wife, was fast asleep too.


Roz woke upearly that next morning to find herself naked, under covers, and the showerwater running in the master bathroom. The only thing she remembered from the night before was spending timewith the children, eating a bowl of soup, and then dropping on the bed. She was still clothed in her business suit,and she eventually nodded off. Sheremembered, briefly, Mick’s presence, because she remembered feeling his armsaround her, but she certainly didn’t remember being undressed and put to bed byhim. Had that wonderful night they weresupposed to share together come and gone and she slept through it? She purchased special lingerie for the night,and she missed showing that to him too?

She got outof bed. She could not imagine having sexwith Mick and sleeping through it. That,in her mind, would be impossible. Butshe did feel drained.

She wentinto the bathroom and sat on the toilet. She had peed, wiped herself, washed her hands, and was brushing herteeth by the time Mick realized she was in the bathroom at all. He opened the shower door. When he saw her tight, naked ass at thevanity, his sleeping penis immediately began to sputter awake.

“Goodmorning,” he said to her.

Roz wasgargling when he spoke. She spit out hermouthwash and glanced at him through the vanity mirror. But she couldn’t get a good look. She turned off the faucet, and moved over tograb a towel off of the rack to wipe her mouth. When she saw Mick’s big, naked body, and saw his body’s reaction tohers, she felt a tingle herself. “Goodmorning,” she said, as she wiped her mouth. “What happened last night?”

“I came homelate,” he said as he looked from her face to those juicy breasts he couldn’twait to suck. “Thanks to those childrenof ours.”

Roz wassurprised. His grown children were asmuch a part of her life as his. Althoughshe wasn’t that much older than they were, she loved them dearly. “The children?” she asked. “Who, Joey?”

“Joey,Gloria, and Teddy. All three of thosescoundrels.”

Roz wasespecially concerned now that all three were involved. Did somebody try to harm them? “What happened?” she asked.

“Some guy ina nightclub was rude to Glo, so those geniuses decide the best way to handle itwas to beat the crap out of the guy in the parking lot.”

“Of theclub? Oh no.”

“Oh, yes,”Mick said.

“But thecameras!”

“Oh, theyweren’t even thinking about cameras. Icould have kicked Teddy’s ass again when I found that part out. He knows better than that. My men had to get over to that club and takepossession of those cameras before the cops could.”

“Thecops? Somebody called the cops?”

“Multiplepeople. It was a ringside event. Thankfully, the guy they jumped wasn’tkilled. He was hospitalized with brokenribs, but he’ll live.”

Roz shookher head. Shit like this, involving anyof their children, was serious to her. “What were they thinking?” she asked.

“Theyweren’t thinking, that’s the point! Butthe part that really gets to me is how they ended it. They started it wrong. They should have been more discreet. But they ended it by getting arrested. All three of them were arrested.”

Before Rozcould react with horror, he explained how the prosecutor refused to presscharges and ordered their immediate release. “She’s a brownnoser. She has bigambitions. But what if it had beensomebody else? Like an honest workingstiff for a change? Their asses wouldhave been in trouble, looking for me to get them out of it.”

Rozexhaled. “They’ve lived an easy life,Mick. They think because they’re yourchildren that makes them automatic gangsters, when I’m more gangster thanthey’ll ever be. They’re soft.”

“Glo andJoey are, that’s for damn sure, although Joey thinks he’s a mini-me. But Teddy’s hard. There’s nothing soft about that youngman. That’s why I was so angry withhim.”

Roz staredat Mick. “You kicked his ass, didn’tyou?”

Mick hatedthat he had to go there with his oldest son. “I popped him one. He’s seen howI operate. He knows not to fuck with me. But he disappointed me, Rosalind. He knows better.”

Roz reachedout and rubbed Mick’s muscular bicep. “It was just a mistake, honey. I’m sure he’ll right the ship.” Then she remembered something. “Speaking of righting ships, are you stillgoing to Spain today? Is that trip stillon?”

“It’s stillon,” Mick said disappointedly. “Thenegotiators are deadlocked on three key issues. If I don’t eventually show up, the deal may fall through. So yeah, I’m flying out tonight.”

A note ofsadness appeared in Roz’s eyes. “I guessnow that I’m out of my postpartum period, your out-of-town trips will pick backup?”

Mick noticedthe sadness. “Not to the same degree asbefore, no,” he said. “Why are you sad?”

“It’s justbeen great having you in my bed most nights. I’m going to miss that.”

Mick felt asense of great love and great burden. “I’ll continue to be home most nights. I promise you.”

Rozsmiled. She knew he was just saying thatto make her feel better. His businesswas far too vast and complicated for him to keep a promise like that. And that didn’t include all of his underworldactivities that kept him away from home late at night more than a fewtimes. But she could still hold out hopethat it would get better. “Good to hearit,” she said. She said this as she wasabout to turn to go back over to the towel rack and replace the towel she held.

But Mick hadother plans. He grabbed her by her smallarm, tossed the towel out of her hand, and pulled her back toward the showerstall, and then into the shower all together. The warm water blast across her naked body. “Mick, it’s too hot,” she said as she backedaway from the stream. 

Mickimmediately turned up the cold water, to balance out the flow, but that didn’tease his horniness. He pulled her black,soft body against his white, rock-hard body. She loved the way the ridges of his stomach muscles pressed intoher. But then she moved to grab somebath oil.

“Not sofast,” he said, stopping her. “You oweme something.”

Roz smiledand wrapped her arms around him. She wasespecially relaxed now that the water was not as piping-hot as it hadbeen. “I owe you?” she asked.

Mick rubbedhis thumb across her wonderful brown lips. “Yes, you do.”

“And what doI supposedly owe you?”

“Six weeks’worth of fucks,” Mick said.

Rozlaughed. “I want to see you get thatmany out of me, buster!”

Mick wasready to prove her wrong, but she grabbed the bath oil, placed a handful oflather in her hand, and began to rub down his chest, his abs, and hispenis. Mick leaned his head back,sighing, as she rubbed his penis. Heloved her touch so much. He lovedherso much. But then he took a handful of oil too, andlathered her down. He bathed her neck,her beautiful breasts, and especially lathered down her vagina. He lingered when he rubbed her there.

After each rinsingthe other one off, Mick was no longer playing. Or interested in bathing. Because he still had a point to prove. First, before she could say another word, hecaptured her mouth with his and kissed her with a searing, branding kiss. He kissed her so hard that she had to holdonto his body to remain standing up.  Hecouldn’t get enough of her. And when hemoved from her mouth, he stayed on her face. Kissing her nicely-arched nose, her high cheekbones, and her small,delicate ears. And then he was back onher mouth again.

Roz liftedup on her tiptoes as she drank in all of his desperate kisses. She’d never met a man like Mick. The idea that he would wait through herentire postpartum before he made love to her, touched her deeply. His love was so unselfish. His love was action, not talk. His love was the greatest love she’d everknown. And when he moved down, to herlong, slender neck, and then to her breasts, she closed her eyes and sucked upall his love.

Mick suckedher breasts like a man on fire. Helifted her into his arms, for better access, and she wrapped her legs aroundhim. That made it fantastic toMick. Because now he had her exactlywhere he wanted her. Under his completecontrol. And he took advantage.

He put heragainst the wall, placed her legs further up across his big shoulders, andbegan licking her between her legs. Slow, methodical, thirsty licks. He became drunk on her pussy, and began to eat her. Roz leaned back, her hands in his hair, as helicked and ate and sucked her dry. Andthen her vaginal juices flowed again, and he had more eating to do.

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