Mick sinatra 4: if you don't know me by now (page 5)

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Afterseveral rounds, he moved her legs back around his waist, and then he guided hisfully aroused cock inside of her. It wastheir first time in six weeks. Mick andRoz both let out loud sighs of passion as soon as they felt flesh on flesh.

And then hebegan to move.

“Rosalind,” he said in that sweet Italianvoice she loved, as if her name itself was an exhale, a diamond, his life’sbreath.

And Roz,feeling the heat to the roots of her hair, exhaled too. “Mick,”she said. “Michello!”

He rubbedhis penis against her ridges. He beganto fuck her.

“Ah, baby,” he said as he felt the burntoo. He leaned his forehead against herforehead and fucked her hard. “Oh, my precious baby! Oh my baby!”

They were intheir groove. They were in completerhythm. Roz placed her hands around hisneck as she rode his rod and they moved in sync. Mick began kissing her again, as they moved.

And whenthey came, they came together. Mickstrained and Roz contracted and they held onto each other as they reached thesummit of their passion. He poured intoher. She clenched her muscles, and hepoured more. And fucked her more. Until he couldn’t do it anymore. They leaned against each other, nearly out ofbreathe, with Mick rubbing Roz’s face, and Roz smoothing down his hair,completely satisfied.

But theirrealization didn’t last long. Mick hadonly just carried Roz out of the shower, ready to lay her on the bed and fuckher again, when the intercom buzzed. TheSinatra children, their front gate guard informed them, were there to see theirfather.



After Mickwiped Roz clean, and while he cleaned himself, she put on his bathrobe and madeher way downstairs. Somebody had togreet the children!

Gloria andJoey were already sitting at the center island in the kitchen, helpingthemselves to a bowl of fruit, when she came down. “Hey, Ma,” Gloria said with a grand smile onher face.

“Well good morning,”Roz said with a smile of her own. “Don’tyou two lookcute.”

“Cute?” Joeyasked. “I’m cute the way a Pitbull iscute!”

“Oh,please,” Gloria said. “More like the waya Chihuahua is cute!”

Roz laughedand headed for the coffeemaker. “Youguys want anything to drink?”

“We’regood,” Joey said. “Thanks.”

“Where’sDad?” Gloria asked. “He hasn’t left forSpain yet, has he?”

“Not yet,”Roz said. “Not until tonight. He just got out of the shower. He’s coming. Where’s Ted?”

“He wouldn’tcome,” Joey said. Then he hesitated, asif he was thinking about something. “CanI ask you a question, Ma?”

Roz stoodbehind the center island, on the opposite side from them, and bracedherself. Whenever Joey wanted to ‘askher a question,’ it almost always involved his father. “You can ask,” she said.

“Why is itthat Teddy gets to work for Dad like he’s one of Dad’s men, while I’m stillstuck in the mailroom?”

Glorialaughed. “Because Teddy’s shady, that’swhy! And he knows how to keep his mouthshut like all of Dad’s men. That’s why.”

“I know howto keep my mouth shut.”

“Joey,please,” Gloria said. “You run and tellit as soon as you hear it. Dad’s nevergoing to have you working for him like that. You might move up the ranks at S.I., but you aren’t going to be thegangster you dream of being. You don’thave what it takes.”

“I do havewhat it takes! And I’m going to be asbad a gangster as Dad someday. Evenbadder. You mark my words!”

Roz feltsome kind of way when she heard her stepchildren refer to Mick’s underworldactivities as if they were no different than his day job at S.I. They had no clue what their father was reallyinvolved in and some of the horrific things he was forced to do to keep hisfamily, and himself, free from harm. Itwas all glam and excitement to them. Teddy knew better. But he wasalready in the illegitimate trade when Mick pulled him in. He was already prepared. Joey and Gloria had their moments, but theywere nowhere near it. They had a longway to go.

“He’ll pullyou in,” Roz said in answer to Joey’s question, “when he thinks you’re ready.”

“Me too?”Gloria asked.

“You?” Joeyasked with a laugh. “Are youjoking? Your mother will kill Dad if hedirties you up. And since Dad stillloves your mother, he’s not about to go against her. You know it and I know it.”

Gloriaglanced at Roz. But Roz ignored theimplication. She’d been hearing aboutGloria’s mother and how she was the only one of Mick’s baby mamas that he stillcared for. She’d heard how he respectedTeddy’s mother, despised Joey’s mother, but loved Gloria’s. She never met this fashion designer mother ofGloria’s because she never came to any functions, but she wasn’t about tocompete against some ghost of Mick’s past.

Besides, Rozreasoned, if Mick had wanted the woman he would have had her long before Rozcame into the picture. She had beenyears out the door before Roz came along. Roz was a little concerned about females when Mick was out of town onlong business trips. She’d be lying ifwhether or not he was completely faithful to her didn’t cross her mind. But worrying about some female he dumpedyears ago? Please. “You guys sure you don’t want any breakfast?”she asked her stepchildren.

“We’repositive,” Joey said. “We don’t eatbreakfast.”

“Roz,” Gloriasaid, “have you thought about what I asked you?”

“What isthat?”

Gloria wasamazed. “Ma! You forgot? I asked you to put in a good word for Fonz.”

“Oh, goodgrief!” Joey said.

“He wants toget a role in Macbeth,” Gloria continued. “I asked you to talk to the director.”

“And I toldyou I don’t put in words for people I don’t know.”

“You met himonce.”

“I don’tknow him, Gloria.”

“But Ido! He’s a great guy, I promise. I don’t expect you to take him on as a fullblown client just yet. He still has toprove himself to you, I know that. Buthow can he prove himself if nobody will give him a fighting chance? Just think about it, okay?”

Before Rozcould respond, Gloria, as was her way, changed the subject. Like Joey, she would rather not hear ananswer than to hear an answer she didn’t want to hear. Roz wondered if the fact that Mick was not intheir lives when they were little had something to do with that aspect of theirpersonalities. They had lousy copingskills.

“What aboutthe twins?” Gloria asked. “Are theyawake?”

Roznodded. “They are, yeah.”

“Can I seethem?” Gloria stood up.  “I love the wayJunior stares at people and Jacqueline smiles at people.”

“I want tosee them, too,” Joey said, also standing.

“Helpyourselves,” Roz said. “They’re yoursiblings. You can see them anytime youlike.”

They bothsmiled, and then began rushing to see which one could get in to the nurseryfirst.

Roz smiledtoo, and put on some coffee. She wasstill feeling the effects of sex with Mick between her legs and, to her ownamazement, was itching for more. Whichmade her smile all the more. Mick wasusually the sex-obsessed in their relationship. He was usually the one who had to have it and had to have it as often ashe could get it from her. But after thatlong absence he made her endure for her body’s sake, she was catching up fast.

After Gloriaand Joey returned and sat back down at the center island, and after severalmore minutes of small talk conversation, Mick made his way downstairs. He was fully dressed in a brown suit, a whiteshirt, and a brown tie. Looking big,muscular, and gorgeously corporate, Roz thought. Sexy too, she inwardly added.

“Goodmorning, Dad,” Gloria said, impressed with his looks as well.

“Goodmorning, Dad,” Joey echoed.

Mick wasstill a little peeved with them as he stood behind the counter, standing besideRoz. He took a sip of Roz’s coffee. Roz let him have at it, and poured herself afresh cup.

Even whenJoey and Gloria realized their father wasn’t going to easily forgive them, theypressed on anyway. “We came toapologize,” Joey said.

“To say weblew it,” Gloria added.

But Micklooked at them as if they had just insulted him. “You came to apologize?” he asked.

“We blew itlast night,” Joey said, “and we wanted to let you know how sorry we are. We want to apologize for our behavior.”

Roz lookedat Mick. He didn’t like it. His children didn’t realize it, but shedid. She could see the anger in hiseyes.

“Where’sTheodore?” Mick asked them.

“He wouldn’tcome,” Gloria said.

“Good,” Micksaid. “At least one of you has somesense.”

Joey wasoffended. “What’s that supposed tomean?” Joey wanted to know.

Mickfrowned. “You did what you did. It’s done. What are you apologizing for? What the fuck am I going to do with your apology?”

Roz couldsee how stunned the children were. Theywere still getting accustomed to their father’s tough ways, and it was an eyeopener to see him so tough on a subject they didn’t think called for a debate:an apology. They were both amazed.

And Mick wasstill upset. “Don’t fuck up and thencome in my face apologizing. It’s donenow. You own it because you did it, andmove the hell on! Just don’t ever do itagain.”

Joey wantedto battle him, but Gloria kicked his feet. So he held his tongue and nodded, along with Gloria. “Yes, sir,” Gloria said.

“And aren’tyou two supposed to be at work anyway?” They both worked for him, and he kept tabs on them enough to know theirschedules verbatim.

“Yes, sir,”Gloria admitted. “But---”

“But what?”Mick asked.

Gloria knewit was hopeless. “Nothing,” she said.

“Then getyour asses to work. Don’t think becauseyou’re my children I won’t fire you. Because I will.”

They lookedshell shocked to Roz as they stood up. Shecould intervene. She could point out toMick how harsh he was being. But sheknew where his harshness was coming from. They were his children now. Itwas no longer a secret to anyone, especially his enemies. He had to toughen them up.

“Bye, guys,”Roz said to them, her face a mask of sympathy.

“Bye, Ma,”Joey said.

“Bye, Ma,”Gloria said.

They glancedat their father, who remained resolute, as they left his home. They left as if they still didn’t know whathad hit them.

When thedoor closed shut, Mick waited for Roz to pounce. He waited for her to rip into him for beingsuch a horrible, unfeeling dad.

“You wantsome breakfast before you go?” she asked him. “I can throw something together.”

Mick lookedat her, surprised and a little befuddled. “No, I’m good,” he said. But heneeded to know what she thought. He hadtons of advisors in his legit businesses and his underworld activities. She was the only advisor that counted. “You don’t think I could have handled itbetter?”

“After theygot their asses arrested?” Roz asked. “Hell no. They aren’t just MickSinatra’s children. They aren’t just thechildren of a successful businessman. They’re Mick the Tick’s children. You have to toughen them up so they’ll understand the pedigree they’rerunning with.”

A swell ofemotion filled Mick’s heart. He didn’tdeserve this woman. Then he inwardlysmiled. “So when Junior and Jackie areof age, you want me to toughen them up too?”

It was aharsh reality. They were such sweet,tender babies. But Roz never believed indouble standards. She nodded. “Yes,” she said. “If you love them you will. And I know you love them, and all of yourchildren, with all of your heart.”

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