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The golden symbol

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Table of Contents

Title Page


Chapter One: Maivoryl City Kaith Tree

Chapter Two: Myler

Chapter Three: Onyev’s Tests

Chapter Four: Explanations

Chapter Five: A Special Task

Chapter Six: A Cursed City

Chapter Seven: A Cart Ride

Chapter Eight: Volunteer

Chapter Nine: Needed: One Water-Spraying Contraption

Chapter Ten: Lasia

Chapter Eleven: Rock Climbing

Chapter Twelve: Melted Rubber

Chapter Thirteen: Maldok

Chapter Fourteen: The Golden Symbol

Chapter Fifteen: The Manor

Chapter Sixteen: Borrowed Power

Chapter Seventeen: Het and the Fish

Chapter Eighteen: Trash-talking

Chapter Nineteen: Starting

Chapter Twenty: A Dead Son

Chapter Twenty-one: Eachan

Chapter Twenty-two: Keitus and the Manor

Chapter Twenty-three: Renforth’s Palace

Chapter Twenty-four: An Important Event


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The Golden Symbol

Kilenya Series Book Six

Andrea Pearson


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Cover design copyright 2014 James E. Curwen


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Summary: In the final installment of the Kilenya Series, Jacob Clark and his friends only have two months to prepare for their enemy’s return—an event which is sure to bring war—and to discover the recipe for the special antidote that will cure the Lorkon. As things become more and more dangerous, Jacob is surprised to find help in the most unlikely people and places. Things look up briefly when Azuriah agrees to share the well-guarded secret of the Golden Symbol. With its help, Jacob may have a chance against the Lorkon, but even so, he and his friends are greatly outnumbered.


Will they be able to find the recipe and create the antidote before the Lorkon arrive, or will Eklaron—and Earth—fall into the hands of the evil empire for good?





Grandpa Glenn Pearson

Lon Pearson

Mardi and the late Steve Nielsen


Thank you for being the best providers of support, help, and love.

Your friendship, hard work, and examples give me strength to keep writing.




Chapter One: Maivoryl City Kaith Tree


Jacob took a deep breath, trying to calm his racing heart. Only seven weeks remained until the Lorkon returned. Just seven. It wasn’t enough time. How could it be? He should have Keyed them farther away, but he wasn’t familiar enough with Eklaron’s geography. He hadn’t known better.

Okay, time to concentrate on the here and now. He put his nervousness aside, forced himself to relax in his seat, and turned to his friends and family. Mom and Dad had set up a bunch of chairs in the backyard for the first post-Lorkon meeting, and almost everyone important to Jacob was there, waiting for Akeno to reveal his secret.

Jacob smiled, adjusting his position so the slight breeze would cool his sweaty back. He knew what the secret was, but he was excited for the others to learn it too, especially Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea’s leg had been destroyed a few weeks earlier while helping Jacob and the Shiengols get rid of the huge sky monster, Lirone. Having special abilities that the other Makalos didn’t, Akeno couldn’t wait to help make things right.

After the group had quieted, Akeno stepped out from behind a tree trunk, holding an oddly shaped package behind his back. He grinned at Jacob, then turned to the group.

“We all feel bad about what happened to Sweet Pea because of Lirone,” he said. “I wanted to make things better, if only in a small way.” He handed the package to Sweet Pea. “Merry Christmas!”

Sweet Pea half smiled. “Christmas is six months away, you know.” He looked up at Akeno. “My birthday is closer.”

“Okay, happy birthday then.”

When Sweet Pea didn’t do anything, Akeno urged him on. “Open it!”

Sweet Pea tore the wrapping paper off and held up his present—a new leg, made of wood. “How’d you do it?” His voice was small and barely carried over to Jacob in the next row.

“I made a tree grow into the shape of your leg.”

Jacob leaned forward, trying to hear Sweet Pea’s quiet response.

“It’s so awesome.” Sweet Pea set it aside and jumped up to give Akeno a hug, balancing on his good leg.

Everyone else cheered and applauded, calling out approval to the two Makalos, and a bright red flush crossed Akeno’s face. He ducked his head.

Dad got to his feet, smiling. “Akeno, why don’t you help Sweet Pea figure out how to use his new leg while we go ahead with the meeting?”

Akeno nodded and sat next to Sweet Pea. He started fiddling with straps, and Jacob turned his attention to Dad who was talking again.

“Unless they find a faster way back, we’ve got a little over seven weeks until the Lorkon return.” Dad looked over everyone present, meeting eyes with several. “This isn’t a lot of time, but I’m positive we’ll be ready—mainly because Aldo and the Fat Lady have found the hidden locations for the Lorkon antidote.”

Jacob’s mouth popped open. When had they found them all? He hadn’t heard that!

Aldo stood. “Yes, we have. The next location is the Kaith tree in Maivoryl City.”

Dad nodded. “We’ll send a team right away to get it. I’ll be going, along with Jacob, Gallus, Aloren, Ebony, and several others with whom Ebony has been working.” Dad looked at Jacob. “Because you’re the only one who can see the Bald Henries, we’ll need you to point them out for our archers. The only way we’ll get to the Kaith tree is if the Bald Henry threat is removed.”

Jacob nodded. Bald Henries were invisible to most people—including Jacob, except when he was in Maivoryl City. Something about the air there made it possible for him to see them. This was a blessing, since Bald Henries were very dangerous. With every roar, a different material was destroyed by crumbling or shattering or dissolving, ending with flesh being disintegrated.

“The rest of us will take care of the Ember Gods. If we’re unsuccessful, we’ll head to the next location.”

Matt raised his hand. “Why don’t we send teams to each place right now and not waste time going to all the places one after the other?”

Dad tilted his head. “Fair question. Your mother and I have talked this over with Gallus and have decided it would be unwise to spread ourselves so thinly, especially since the people who are specialized enough to assist are few. We’re nearly positive only Jacob will be able to get the antidote, and there’s only one of him. So, for now, we’ll start with Maivoryl. The third location is in Gratitude City.”

Jacob wasn’t surprised to learn that was the third location. It’s where Onyev had lived when he discovered the antidote. The first hiding place was in the tree of Taga Village, but the scroll had been destroyed when the Makalos moved there. The fourth and fifth places were cities Jacob had never heard about.

Dad then discussed how they’d need to prepare for the Lorkon army, setting up traps and hiding their fighters in the forest between Mendon and Taga Village.

“Getting the antidote is great, but unless our army is big enough, we’ll never have the chance to administer it. We need more people.” He leaned against the tree Akeno had stood behind earlier. “I’m open to suggestions.”

No one said anything for a moment and Jacob looked over the group, wondering who would speak first. Finally, Mr. Coolidge rose. “You could always try Ridgewood again,”

Hayla shook her head. “No—the one or maybe two more people we find there wouldn’t be worth the effort or the danger.”

Bezza, Gallus’s wife, raised her hand, her bright turquoise bracelets jangling. “Don’t the Lorkon have thousands of slaves beyond Fornchall?”

Gallus nodded. “Yes, they do.” He looked at Dad. “We could free them. Convince them to join us.”

Dad half smiled. “If they’re bitter enough, I’m sure they’d be willing.” He straightened. “I like this idea. Once the antidote has been recovered, I’ll lead a group to Fornchall.” He looked over everyone. “If you’d like to volunteer to accompany me, speak with me after.”

It looked as if Dad was about to end the meeting when Kevin, one of Jacob’s former classmates, raised his hand. “How can I help?”

Jacob had been surprised that Kevin still wanted to hang around after Aloren had broken up with him. Maybe the teenager was hoping to win her back. Jacob glanced at Aloren. She avoided looking at Kevin, instead watching Dad intently. Jacob knew she still cared for Kevin. He wondered if that was normal—to break up with someone you actually liked.

“I’ve been thinking about that,” Dad said. “And if you and Tani are willing, we’d love to have your assistance. You’d work with one of the blacksmiths, and Tani would take over your former duties as a teacher.”

Tani wasn’t present, but Jacob was sure she’d be thrilled.

“In fact,” Dad continued, “I’ll have you and Tani guard our house from the Mendon side, just like last time. That’s only if the Lorkon army gets this far again.”

Kevin nodded, and Dad ended the meeting shortly after. He and the others would need to leave for the Kaith tree in Maivoryl City as soon as possible.

Jacob stood and helped everyone put the chairs back under the crawl space of the house. Then he went inside and got his backpack, loading it with things he usually took with him, including matches, beef jerky, and his Minya container.

He looked out the window, wondering where Early was. She usually explored when he didn’t need her, and it had been three days since he’d last seen the Minya. Definitely not the longest she’d been gone, but he needed her now.

“Jacob, are you ready?” Dad called up the stairs.

“Yup, just have to get Early first.” He opened his window, grabbed some seeds, whispered Early’s name into them, then blew them out the window.

Several moments later, she flitted inside, grinning. “Jacob!” She saluted him.

He blinked. Where had she picked that up? “Are you ready for another adventure?”

She squealed, did a somersault, then landed on his shoulder, holding on to his T-shirt. “Yes!”

Jacob put on his backpack, careful not to knock her off, and made sure he still had the Key of Kilenya in his pocket. Then he went downstairs.

Dad put his hand on Jacob’s shoulder. “Instead of going straight to Maivoryl City, I’m going to have you Key us to the Fat Lady’s cabin. From there, we’ll walk south and use Eachan’s tunnel.”

Jacob nodded. He opened the link to the cabin and waited for everyone to go first before following and shutting the door.

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