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The irish lover (page 5)

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When they reached Glenncailty she ignored hermisgivings and took his hand, leading him through the castle to herroom. At the door she fumbled with the key, too aware of Michael’shands on her hips, his body warm and solid at her back.

“Let me.” He took the key from her, slid itinto the lock. A moment later they were in. Michael closed thedoor. “Mary, I don’t want to rush you, or do anything you’re notcomfortable with.”

Her emotions had been through a roller coastertoday and she felt both fragile and strangely powerful. Maybe thiswas a mistake. Ignoring her doubts and fears, she went with whather heart wanted, and that was Michael.

Rather than replying in words she put her handson Michael’s shoulders and kissed him. She opened her mouth,tracing the seam of his lips with her tongue. He tasted like sugarand tea, and the stubble on his cheek abraded her. Michael started,and for a moment she worried she’d been too aggressive, but hisarms wrapped around her hips, jerking her against him.

Their kiss deepened. She nipped his lower lip,then sucked it gently. Michael’s tongue dipped into her mouth,tasting her, possessing her. When they broke for air Michael’serection was pressed against her belly.

“I’ve just thought of something.” Michaellooked like he was in pain.


“I don’t have a condom.”

“Oh. I’m on birth control. Have you beentested?”

“Tested for what?”

Mary’s smiled. “When was the last time you hadsex?”

“Not that long ago…”

Mary tipped her head, giving him a skepticallook. Michael blew out a breath. “Five years. It’s been fiveyears.”

“Oh, that’s just sad.”

“No need to tell me.”

“I’m clean and I’d say that with my birthcontrol we’re safe enough.”

Michael cupped her face, his thumbs caressingher cheeks. “Mary Callahan, you’re not the type of woman a manshould rush to the bedroom.”

Something in her melted at his words. He sawher as something unique and beautiful—saw her in a way no other manin her life had.

“Michael Baker, I’m the kind of woman who knowswhat she wants.”

“And what you do want, pretty Mary?”

“You.” She kissed him.

Primal awareness of him tingled through her.His kiss made her feel alive and wanton. His hands were at herwaist and when she leaned away his hands slid down to her ass.Catching the hem of his jumper she pulled it and the shirt below upenough to touch his bare belly. Muscles rippled under her fingersand Mary wanted to lick him, bite him, make him feel what shedid.

Michael’s hands were on her ass, hiking her up.She wrapped her legs around him, her skirt riding up to her hips.She was wearing tights, but they didn’t feel like much of a barrieras he lowered her to the bed. Reaching for her waistband sheprepared to help him with her clothes, but he stoppedher.

“Let me,” he whispered.

Starting at her toes he stripped her—removingher boots, then reaching under her skirt for her tights. When herlegs were bare he kissed the top of each foot, then rested herright heel on his shoulder as he nibbled and licked herankle.

Her toes curled. She could feel the simple,soft touch along every nerve ending in her body.

She had never been so aroused so quicklybefore.

“Michael, I want you, now.”

“And I want you—” He lifted her from the bedand stood her up before taking a seat. “—to take off the rest ofyour clothes.”

Mary stepped back, ducking her head as a littlecurl of embarrassment dampened her arousal. She was pretty enough,but her belly wasn’t exactly ab-model worthy, her thighs were toofat and she hadn’t had a bikini wax in weeks.

“Mary, take off your clothes.”

His words pierced her, and before herinsecurities could gain the upper hand she unbuttoned her sweater.Holding it closed over her breasts she looked at him through herlashes.

Michael sat on the bed, legs spread, handsgripping his knees. His gaze was hooded, focused on her.

Slowly, she removed her sweater, revealing thecamisole beneath. She could tell that he was fighting to holdstill, fighting to keep from touching her, and she wanted to makehim lose control.

Rather than pulling the camisole off she slidthe straps down her arms. Catching them with her fingers she tuggedso the fabric inched down her breasts, revealing the smooth satinof her bra. When the camisole was bunched around her waist shereached for the side zip of her skirt, again moving slowly,deliberately. Once unzipped it didn’t fall, but stayed up, loosearound her waist but still covering her.

Michael made a noise low in his throat as hejerked forward, as if he’d grab her, but at the last minute hesettled back.

Mary took her bunched camisole and pulled itoff. She gave her hair a little shake, feeling the long tendrilstouching her back. Balancing her forearms on top of her head shelooked at Michael. His gaze wandered up her belly to her breasts,then to her face.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve everseen.”

Mary closed her eyes. It was nothing more thana cheesy line, one she should have laughed away. But instead itstruck her like an arrow to the heart—she believed that she was themost beautiful woman he’d ever seen, and she loved him forit.

Opening her eyes she took a breath, then rockedher weight from foot to foot, her hips swaying, until her skirtgave up its tenuous hold and fell to the floor.

There was a beat, a moment when they regardedeach other—her nearly naked, standing before him like an offering,Michael a barely restrained force of nature.

Then the silence broke. Michael shot up fromthe bed. Taking her by the hips he kissed her hard and deep. Hiscock was hot, even through his jeans, against her belly. Marylinked her arms behind his neck and curled one leg over hiship.

His hands found and undid the clasp of her bra,then slid down her back. His fingers dipped under her panties,cupping her ass. Mary pressed herself against him, wanting to feelthe heat and power of him.

Michael broke the kiss, pulled her bra off andcupped her bare breasts. The cool air of the room contrasted withthe heat of his hands. Thumbs rubbed her nipples, rolling them asshe made small sounds of arousal she was only barely aware of. Marygrabbed his wrists, wanting to stop him, wanting it to never stop,wanting him to pinch and pull.

Michael did neither. Dropping to his knees henipped the flesh below her belly button, then bent his head andlicked the seam of her sex through her panties.

Gasping, Mary grabbed him, grinding herselfagainst his face. She realized what she was doing and released him,trying to pull back, but he didn’t let her. Holding her by the assMichael worked her with his tongue, each stroke pressing the fabricdeeper into the folds of her sex.

“More, please. Michael, I needmore.”

He rose and lifted her, carrying her the fewsteps to the bed where he lay her down, then came down on top ofher. Catching her panties in his hands he dragged them down andoff. Now she lay before him totally naked, while he was stillwearing his pants.

When she reached for him, he evaded her,sliding down her body to lie between her legs. Mary spread herthighs and his fingers parted the lips of her sex. Warm breathfanned her clit and he rubbed her labia, the touch pleasant, butnot enough to ease the ache inside her. Frustrated, she grabbed hishead, raising her hips until his nose, lips and chin were pressedagainst her. The stubble on his chin was rough, but she liked it.She wanted rough, she wanted him to take her, own her, make herbelieve that she was the most beautiful woman in theworld.

She must have said some of what she wasthinking because he lifted his head just enough to murmur, “Ifthat’s what you’d like.”

Teeth abraded her clit, sending shards ofpleasure ripping though her. Capturing the nub with his teeth helicked her with short, hard strokes. Mary thrashed against the bed,her hands pulling at the duvet.

One finger found the entrance to her body andthrust in. That was what she’d been waiting for, what her body hadbeen craving—the penetration. An orgasm rocked her, but even as sheclenched her teeth she wanted more. She didn’t want his finger inher, she wanted his cock filling her, wanted to look into his eyesas he took her.

Michael pulled back, his lips and chin wet fromher sex. Kneeling up he looked at her. His chest was hard withmuscle, his arms strong and toned. When he climbed off the bed totake off his pants Mary followed him, dropping to herknees.

As he kicked his way out of his pants Maryexamined his cock—it was thick and long, so hard it was standing upalmost to his belly. Grabbing him in one hand she licked the tip,tasting him.

“Mary,” he groaned hands in fists at his side.“I won’t last if you do that.”

Ignoring his words she took him into her mouth.It was tight, her jaw starting to ache almost immediately, but sheliked this—being on her knees for him, pleasuring him. After only afew strokes of her tongue on his captured cock Michael pulledaway.

“On the bed,” he rasped out.

Mary scrambled up, but she wasn’t fast enoughfor Michael who caught her and flipped her over onto her back.Hands hooked under her knees, he pulled her to the edge. The bedwas tall enough that her sex was lined up with his cock and hewasted no time taking advantage of that.

She wrapped her legs around him as he bracedhis hands on either side of her.

“Look at me, Mary.”

She met his gaze and he pressed forward, thetip of his cock finding her entrance and sliding in. Pleasurerippled though her and she closed her eyes, relishing the feeling,but Michael didn’t let her hide from him.

“Open your eyes Mary, look at me.”

Again she met his gaze, and that was asintimate as his cock sliding into her until he was buried to thehilt.

“Michael.” She touched his face as he beganthrusting.

He kissed her palm, then slid an arm under herand lifted her toward the center of the bed. In the next breath hewas back inside of her, now kneeling on the bed rather thanstanding. He came down over her, his chest brushing her nipples,one hand cradling her head. Mary kissed his neck as he rocked intoher with gentle strokes.

Pressure was building inside her, and soon thegentleness wasn’t enough. She dug her nails into his back, his ass,urging him on, demanding more. Lifting himself onto his elbowsMichael pumped into her harder, deeper.

“Michael, oh yes.”

“Mine,” he said. “You’re mine.”

The words barely registered as Mary came, herbody clenching around him, her toes curling, her body strainingunder him. Michael took a fistful of her hair and pressed hisforehead to hers as he shuddered through his own orgasm.

When it was over Mary lay panting underneathhim. Some distant part of her was processing everything that hadbeen said and done and beginning to worry about what it all meant,but for now she could ignore it, letting herself be coaxed underthe covers were Michael joined her.

As his bare skin touched hers a fresh, ifmuted, spike of desire went though her. Mary turned, brushing herbreasts against his hands. Michael cupped the firm mounds, thumbslazily toying with her nipples.

“Can you come again?” he askedquietly.

Mary blushed, but answered, “I don’t know, Inever have before, but I…I still want you.”


Michael rose and took one nipple in his mouth,the other between his fingers. Mary closed her eyes. Oh yes, withthis man it would never be enough. She wanted more. Now…andforever.






Chapter Five


Mary woke a few hours later. The room was darkand there was a large male form pressed against her. There was amoment of disorientation and she held still. Instead of theanticipated self-loathing or embarrassment she felt content.Smiling, she cuddled closer to Michael, delighted with the feeling.It wasn’t as if she hadn’t slept beside her past lovers, but withMichael it wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable. He was on his side nextto her, an arm and a leg thrown over her, holding and protectingher.

Closing her eyes Mary tired to go back tosleep, but her body registered a protest. As sexy as it was to havehim cuddling her like this, his leg was pressing on herbladder.

Sliding carefully out from under him Marytiptoed to the bathroom. As she washed her hands she caught sightof herself in the mirror. Her normally straight hair was a sexymess, and she could see faint red spots on her neck where hisstubble had abraded her. She was grinning.

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