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The irish lover (page 6)

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She forced her lips into a straight line, butthe smile was still there in her eyes. Laughing a little at herselfshe turned off the light before opening the door and tiptoeing backto the bed. Michael had thrown the covers off and his bare chestgleamed in the moonlight that spilled in the window.

“I thought you’d run off,” Michael grumbledsleepily as Mary climbed in beside him.

She slid against his warmth, comfortable withhim in a way she hadn’t been with other lovers, even those she’dbeen with for months.

“Run off? Hardly. I’m hoping to get some moreout of you.”

His teeth shone in the darkness as he smiled.“Enjoyed yourself, did you?”

“Fishing for compliments?”

“Ah well, a man needs to know he pleased hiswoman.”

She wanted to roll her eyes at the “his woman”comment, but it sent a little thrill through her.

“Your woman?” She stroked his arm as he drapedit over her torso. “And how did a guy from a little Irish villageend up being such a good lover anyway?”

“You wouldn’t want me to tell tales out ofschool.” He waggled his eyebrows at her.

“No, but I might send those other womenflowers.”

At that he laughed, a warm, deep chuckle.Mary’s lips twitched in response and she kissed hisshoulder.

The arm across her chest moved and his handcupped her breast, fingers gently rolling her nipple.

“Michael,” she whispered, not sure if it was aprotest or a plea. Despite being well and thoroughly satisfied onlyhours earlier, she was instantly aroused by his touch.

“Yes, pretty Mary?”

Rather than answer with words she parted herlegs a bit. Michael propped himself up on one elbow to suckle herbreast while his hand moved down her belly to her sex. When hisfingers slid between her pussy lips she closed her thighs on hishand, holding him still against her.

“Ah now, how can I pleasure you likethat?”

Throwing his leg over one of hers he pulled hishand free from the apex of her thighs and pushed her other legaway, forcing them to part. Demanding access to her most intimateplace. That rough handling was replaced by gentler, more seductivetouches as fingers danced up and down the seam of her sex and hewhispered against her breast, telling her how beautiful she was,how much he wanted her.

Two fingers pressed into her as Michael liftedhis head and took her lips in a kiss. His tongue entered her mouthin mimicry of his fingers thrusting into her sex. Mary lifted herarms, curling them around his neck but he broke the kiss to say,“No, put you hands on the pillow, above your head. I want topleasure you without distractions.”

Licking her lips she did as he said, her sexclenching around him in arousal from the command.

“I want you to stay like that.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Well then I’d have to do something to punishyou, wouldn’t I?” He withdrew his hand from her sex.

Mary arched her hips, not wanting to lose thatcontact, that pleasure. “I’ll be good,” she gasped.

“You’ll be more than good.”

Once more he kissed her, fingers returning totheir place buried deep within her. His hand shifted as he curledhis fingers, increasing the pressure. He started thrusting with hishand in that position and Mary had to bite back a scream as hisfingertips rubbed her g-spot.

That was what she assumed it was, the throbbingpleasure deep within her. No one had ever touched her there,pleasured her that way before.

“Can you come from just this?”

“I...I don’t know. I don’t thinkso.”

“Oh I think you will, pretty Mary.” Lipsplucked at her nipple before teeth gently tugged the tightbud.

Each small thrust of his hand rubbed his curledfingers over the sensitive flesh deep inside her as his mouthtormented her nipples. The pressure within her built until she wasdesperate for a release. She hovered there, on the edge ofsomething wonderful.

“Michael, please, I’m so close,” shegasped.

He raised his head, meeting her gaze. His handwithdrew and then he was kneeling between her legs, his cockbrushing her clit as he positioned himself at the entrance to herbody.

He thrust in and Mary came. The fillingpressure of his cock was all she needed to release the coiledtension within her. Wrapping her arms around Michael, she clung tohim, biting his shoulder to stifle her screams of pleasure. As herorgasm faded he thrust hard and fast, until he too came, hispanting breath loud in her ear.

When they were done Michael rolled offher.

Mary shifted, pointing her toes and stretchingher arms up to the headboard. Her stomach rumbled.

Pressing her hands over her belly Mary lookedat Michael.

“Hungry?” he asked.

“Must be.”

“It’s been a long time since weate.”

Mary felt alive and full of energy, despite thefact that it was the middle of the night. “Let’s go find food.” Sherolled over the top of Michael—who grunted—to get out of bed. “Comeon.”

“Where is it you think we’ll get food at thishour?”

“I don’t know.” Mary zipped into the bathroom.When she came out she went to the dresser and grabbed the castlemap she’d been given at check in. “I think they said somethingabout snacks or refreshments in one of these rooms.”

Michael groaned and rolled over, showing noindication in joining in her middle-of-the nightadventure.

Rather than being put off, Mary slapped him onthe butt.

Propping himself up on one elbow Michael lookedat her. “Are you always this feisty at four A.M.?”

“Only after really great sex,” she assured him.“Are you coming with me?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t let you go outalone.”

There it was again, that little thrill. Whenthey were both dressed Mary took Michael’s hand and dragged him outinto the hall. As in any hotel the lights were on, making it hardto tell day from night, except that this hotel hallway ended in astone wall, set with a narrow window. The sky outside was deep blueand studded with stars.

“I can’t believe I’m wandering Glenncailty atnight. Don’t ever tell my mother that we did this.” Michael yawnedas they closed the door.

“Tell your mom you lied about going to Dublinand instead came here to have mind-blowing sex with me? I wasn’tplanning on it.”

“Ah, well, don’t tell her that either, but Iwas going to say don’t tell her that we’re wandering aroundGlenncailty Castle at night. When I was young the castle wasforbidden ground.”


“It was falling apart. A girl from a nearbytown fell through the floor and died while I was away atTrinity.”

“Oh my God.” Mary stopped on the stairs andlooked at Michael. “That’s terrible.”

“It was, God rest her. And it’s alsohaunted.”

Mary rolled her eyes. “Really?Haunted?”

“Now Mary Callahan, despite the accent, you’reIrish and you should know better than to dismissghosts.”

Mary flashed back to that moment the nightbefore, when she thought she’d seen something in the corner of herroom, but shook her head. They stopped in the glass hallway thatconnected the east and main wings, looking up at the field of starsabove them. Mary rested her head on Michael’s shoulder.

“It’s beautiful here.” The night was still andcold above them, but Michael was warm and strong at herback.

“It is. The sky in Ireland, both day and night,is like nothing else.”

“I wish my grandparents had come.”

“Why didn’t they?”

“They said it’s because they didn’t want totravel, but they fly all the time to go on cruises. I think it’shard for them, remembering my parents.”

“This is your home, and theirs, if they wantit. If you want it.”

Mary took a breath, a bit of her giddy moodfading at his serious words. “I think I’m starting to understandthat.”

The foyer had a few lights on, though there wasno one there. A sign with an emergency number sat on theregistration desk. Following the map they went through the hallwayon the opposite side of the foyer. They found the formal front roomindicated on the map, but it was sadly devoid of snacks.

“We could go play snooker,” Michaelsaid.

“Play what?”

They went to the Billiard Room where Maryshowed off her skill with a pool cue. It would have been better ifit had been an actual pool table, instead of a snooker table whichwas larger and had rails—cushions as they were—and twenty-two ballsin addition to the smooth white cue ball.

After the tenth time she’d bumped him while hewas trying to make his shot Michael lay down his cue and grabbedher.

“Sorry, sorry,” she laughed.

“No, you’re not.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Still hungry?”

She shrugged. “We can get breakfast in themorning room starting in a few hours. I can wait.”

“In Chicago, can you go out and get food anytime?”

“Of course.”

“Well, we have that in Dublin.”

There was a hesitation in his voice she hadn’theard before. Mary licked her lip, wondering where this was going.“I liked Dublin.”

“I’d like to show you around—not the touristplaces, but real Dublin. I think you’d love it.”

“I...I’m sure I would.” Mary was having troublebreathing. Was he implying what she thought he was, or was she soin-lust with him that she was hearing things that weren’tthere?

Michael rubbed the back of his neck, a linebetween his brows. Trying to get away from the serious directiontheir conversation had taken, Mary busied herself putting away thesnooker equipment. “So we’ll eat in a couple of hours.”

As she bent to slide the tray of balls into theslot on the underside of the table Michael ran his hand over herass. “I can think of something to do until then.”

“Oh really?” She straightened and faced him,twining her arms around his neck. “What’s that?”

Michael regarded her solemnly. “We should goget books about gardening and read them.”

“Of course.” Mary matched his tone. “My Irishflora knowledge is sadly lacking.”

“Or we could do this.” He kissed her until Marywas ready to lie back on the snooker table and have him fuck her onthe green baize. Michael must have felt the same because he pulledaway, grinning at her. “We should go.”


Together they started back the way they came.For a moment Mary thought she heard something. Stopping, she lookedback at the door they hadn’t gone through at the far end of thehall. A small plaque on it said “West Wing” and below that a rangeof room numbers. It sounded like there was someone on the otherside of the door.

“I think we woke someone up,” she whispered,suddenly uneasy, and urged Michael on.

As they crossed the foyer something caught hereye. Mary again turned, this time looking at the grand mainstaircase. The sweeping double staircase was dark wood. The secondand third floors of this building were—according to her map—stillunder renovation.

“Michael did you see something?”

He stopped, muscles in his arm hard and tenseunder her fingers. “Where?”

“There, at the top of the stairs. I thought Isaw...”

Mary blinked but there was nothingthere.


“Must have been my imagination.” She turned toMichael, a smile on her face, but he was white as a sheet…as ifhe’d just seen a ghost.


Michael had never understood the phrase frozenwith horror until that moment.

At the top of the stairs was the outline of afigure. The apparition seemed to be made of nothing more thansmoke, and waved as if in a breeze.

Mary’s touched his cheek. “Michael?” Marylooked over her shoulder, following the direction of his gaze, butshe didn’t react to the gray-mist figure coming towardsthem.

“Michael what’s wrong?”

He found his voice, struggling to remain calm.Thirty seconds must have passed, but the thing was still there, andit was definitely heading toward them. “Nothing, except one ofGlenncailty’s ghosts wants to meet you. I’m thinking we should gonow.”

“A ghost? Really?” She looked both hopeful andskeptical. She turned to the stairs again, and this time she froze,her fingers clamping down around his. “Michael, there’s aghost!”

He said simply, “Run.”

They bolted across the floor towards the heavyfront doors. He shoved at them, but they were locked.

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