The rise of the fat mogul (the defenders saga book 2) (page 30)

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About the Author

Adam Oster lives in Eau Claire, WI with his wife and two kids. Together they explore the world, giving him a plethora of new ideas for stories.

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Also by Adam Oster:

The Legend of Buddy Hero

Buddy Jackson is the world’s greatest superhero. He just doesn’t know it.     He’s unemployed, a drunk, and has a tendency to go weeks without showering; yet Buddy Jackson may be the only person capable of saving the world from total destruction.     Once convinced to leave the comfort of his bar stool, Buddy battles tentacled bug-monsters, finds himself on the run from shadowy government officials, and teams up with a super-powered mafia. This adventure leads him to a final confrontation with his past self’s arch nemesis, the evil minister who goes by the name of Dominion. He is hell-bent on destroying Buddy and the world which loved him. The last time this superhero and supervillain crossed paths, the entire course of history was forever changed.     Buddy is now left with two options, live up to the legend he supposedly created and once again don the bright-green spandex, or allow the damnation of all mankind.

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The Agora FilesCyrus must run for his life, but can he run from love?When dying alone on the hot sands of the Mohave Desert, Cyrus has no regrets. He loves a challenge. Being tasked with running from San Francisco to Boston in fifteen days, while the United States government and a host of bounty hunters hunt for him, sounds like fun. Being at death's door only a day into his trip doesn't faze him either. It's when he's joined by fellow runner Eve, bringing new emotions to the surface, he sees his confidence crack.

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Daddy of the Dead

Bert Hamberg is no hero.  But when it comes to being separated from his four year old daughter at the dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse, he will do anything to find her.  Driving over 350 miles in a freezing snow storm, he must face some of his worst fears as well as the undead, to ensure his little girl is unharmed. 

Daddy of the Dead is a novella that explores the question of fatherhood during the initial days of the zombie outbreak.

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