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“One of the best tales in a series that always achieves high marks . . . An excellent thriller that sub-genre fans will appreciate.” —Midwest Book Review


“Action, sex, savvy writing, and characters with larger-than-life personalities that you will not soon forget are where Ms. Walker’s talents lie, and she delivered all that and more inHunting the Hunter. This is a flawless five-rose paranormal novel, and one that every lover of things that go bump in the night will be howling about after they read it.Hunting the Huntercomes highly regarded by this reviewer, and she cannot wait to get her hands on the next book in the series . . . Do not walk! Run to get your copy today!”

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“Action-packed, with intriguing characters and a very erotic punch,Hunting the Hunterhad me from page one. Thoroughly enjoyable with a great hero and a story line you can sink your teeth into, this book is a winner. A very good read!” —Fresh Fiction

“Another promising voice is joining the paranormal genre by bringing her own take on the ever-evolving vampire myth. Walker has set up the bones of an interesting world and populated it with some intriguing characters. Hopefully there will be a sequel that ties together more threads and divulges more details.” —Romantic Times

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Thanks to my husband, Jerry.You gave me the idea, darlin’.



A world overrun by demons and warlords.

Body slave

A female taken from offworld. Since females are taken for the sole purpose of breeding, Warlords and Sirvani search for females of “talented” blood, sometimes taking entire families in the dead of night. Males are put into manual slavery; women are mated to as many as five Warlords.

If a body slave delivers a female child, her Warlord may free her from slavery. Female children are highly prized, and their mothers are well treated, almost pampered, by their Warlord. The Warlord may also decide to formally bond and mate with the slave, elevating her in the Warlord hierarchy.


Term applied to the non-gifted race of Anqar. They may own land, but they cannot own slaves. Commoners may marry and mate among themselves, although if a female is born, she may be claimed as a mate to a Warlord. This happens rarely—Warlords only want females that can bear them gifted children, so the female must have some form of talent.

If the female is mated to a commoner, no Warlord would take her as his own. The mating bond is respected among the Warlords. Female children are much more common among commoners, but still very rare.


A female child born to a Warlord and a female. Daishan are highly prized, protected, and not allowed to serve in the army, but they may own land, slaves, participate in government, own and run businesses, and serve on advisory councils. Rarely, Daishan will join in the raids on Ishtan—it’s considered exotic to observe a raid. However, due to the danger, it only happens rarely. By age twenty-five, a Daisha is required to marry a Warlord or Sirvani, although she may choose her future mate. In times past, Daishan were given away in arranged unions.

For unknown reasons, Warlords rarely produce female offspring.


A tough, durable cloth used to make battle gear for Anqarian soldiers.


A doorway between the worlds. Gates cannot be built. They simply exist and they cannot be moved. Warlords alone have the power to open a gate, allowing travel between the worlds. The ability to open a gate is what separates Sirvani from Warlord. In times past, a gate, once opened, could only be closed by a Warlord. Over time, gates started to close on their own. Opening a gate causes severe natural disruption in both worlds, so Warlords only open gates when they plan to raid Ishtan.

Ikacado demons

More advanced humanoids found in Anqar. They spread to Ishtan when the gates rise, and they travel in packs, preying on the weak, the old or the very young. Fiery creatures, they are immune to most weapons except those that produce sub-zero temperatures.


A realm located between mortal Earth and the demonic realm of Anqar.

Jorniak demons

Primitive humanoids found in Anqar. They feed on human flesh. Physically strong, but with no extraordinary abilities. They travel in hordes and will attack anybody that they can easily overpower. Small groups of people and loners are particularly at risk. Jorniaks are the size of a human male, with long limbs and a short trunk. Their skin is thick and tough, too tough for average-bladed weapons. Lasers are a weapon of choice for killing Jorniaks in Ishtan.

Mating bond

A recognized union between a man and woman of Anqar. Commoners rarely have unity ceremonies. Warlords may never form a mating bond. They will only form a union with a woman that has borne them healthy children. Children are a sign of prowess and good fortune, so many Warlords will simply mate without bonding to have as many children as possible.


A more advanced demonic race. Humanoid and blood-thirsty, they often capture humans and torture them to death. They are born empaths and feed off negative energy. They can also force their essence into a human host, destroying the human’s mind and turning him into a mindless killer.

Raviners are tall and thin with gray skin and small, pink eyes. They cannot tolerate sunlight.


Sirvani are the offspring of Warlords. If they come into full power, they are then given the title of Warlord. Not all Sirvani will become Warlords, although they are stronger than commoners and may achieve high rank in a Warlord’s army.

Sirvani live free and may own land and slaves, run businesses, participate in local political matters or serve Warlords in an advisory capacity. Service in the army is optional, but many choose to serve, as this is the quickest way to secure a female for their own personal use. Although Sirvani cannot open the gates or see through the Veil, they may have smaller mage or psy skills. Sirvani tend to be very loyal to their chosen Warlord.


Psychic (psy) or mage (magickal) ability. “Talented” blood refers to a family line that is likely to produce many children with talents.


A light, concealing material manufactured in Ishtan.


A body slave who was formally mated to her Warlord but freed after producing either one female child or a number of healthy, talented male children. In the hierarchy of Anqar, she is in the high echelon. High Lord, Warlord, Daishan, Tiris.


The barrier between dimensions. Humans with psychic or magickal talents can be trained to see the Veil and beyond.


The rulers of Anqar. Their power is bloodborn. Initially, the offspring of a Warlord is known as a Sirvani. If a Sirvani achieves Warlord status, it will be before the age of forty. Rank is obtained through physical and magickal battles—battles are usually to the death. Because of this, powerful Warlords can attain higher rank in a short amount of time.

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