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Authors: Sienna Mercer

Twin spins! (page 16)

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Ivy:Um, well . . .

Olivia:She’s absolutely delighted! I know my sister will be a star student and make the best vampire ever.

Georgia:I’m sure our readers will agree with you, Olivia. But Ivy – I can’t help picking up on a spot of . . . Are you unsure about going

to Wallachia Academy?

Ivy:I’m just keeping an open mind at this stage. I’m confident the academy will be everything my grandparents promise me it will be . . . [Long pause]

Georgia:Okaaaaay. One last question to you both: What’s all this I hear about a royal wedding?

Ivy:We have nothing to say.

Olivia:[Giggling] No comment!

Georgia:Oh, come now, girls. We’re friends! You can tell me! The rumour mill is going into overdrive. Something about a certain Transylvanian prince and a . . .

Ivy:If you want the inside scoop, you’ll have to ask the prince

himself – if you can get near him.

Olivia:I’m sure you understand, Georgia. It wouldn’t be right for us to speak on behalf of others.

Georgia:That’s very gracious of you both. So, any fat, cream-coloured envelopes arriving at your houses lately?


Georgia:Well, that’s all for today, I think. Thank you both so much for another wonderful interview. I can’t wait to hear what you have to share with us next! A tale of wedding bells, perhaps . . . ?

[More silence]

Georgia:Thank you both. Bye for now!

Olivia & Ivy:Bye, Georgia!

In the next part of VAMP magazine’s exclusive series of interviews with the twins, Georgia does her best to persuade Ivy and Olivia to share Translyvania’s biggest story of the year – dare we suggest, a WEDDING?!



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