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Twin spins! (page 3)

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‘That’s great, but maybe look even more overwhelmed.’ Charlotte continued filming Olivia from various angles before moving the camera to take in the mess on the floor. ‘I’m so pleased you’re organising this thing. I’m going to need interviews and access to behind-the-scenes footage. Got it?’

‘For what?’

‘For my yearbook film, silly. It’s going to capture Franklin Grove School in all its glory! The good and the bad. And this –’ Charlotte swooshed her hand towards the paperwork spilled on the floor – ‘is definitely the bad.’

‘Charlotte?’ Olivia asked, sighing.

Charlotte adjusted the lens on the camera, squinting as she focused on her shots. ‘Yeah?’

‘How about helping me clear this up?’

Charlotte’s head snapped up. ‘Oh! Yeah, of course!’ She stooped to lift a binder. ‘Sorry about that.’

As the jumbo binder was deposited back in her arms, Olivia had to wonder:What on earth did I just sign up for?

Chapter Two

‘Why did you agree to organise the dance?’ Ivy asked her sister as they walked along the street. Olivia must have gotten bats in her brain to agree to such a thing. ‘School dances are always snooze fests. They’re as bad as science class!’

‘Science class?’ Brendan raised his eyebrows. He had relieved Olivia of her binders and was carting them up the block towards Ivy’s house. Sophia had had to leave early to make her shift at the Meat and Greet Diner and Olivia and Ivy were heading for a twin sleepover at the Vegas’ house. Ivy’s dad had especially requested that they both stay the night, which was odd to say the least. Since when did parents suggest sleepovers?

‘You know what I mean. I’d rather endure a whole day of Mister Smoothie sing-a-longs than go to the school dance!’

Brendan caught her eye and shook his head. What was his deal? All she had said was that she hated the idea of a dance!Wait . . . Is he trying to tell me something?Ivy clenched her fists, mentally scolding herself.Of course!She was totally raining on her sister’s parade.

Ivy backtracked. ‘You’re really good at this sort of thing, though.’ She tried to channel a bit of her sister’s perkiness. ‘I’m sure your dance will suck!’

‘Thanks,’ Olivia said. ‘I really need the support.’

Brendan gave Ivy a small nod of approval. Where would she be without the best boyfriend ever? Hurting her sister’s feelings, that was where!

Olivia giggled. ‘You know, I bet you could find your inner dancing queen if you did want to come.’

Ivy scrambled to change the subject. ‘I hope you’re not too bummed about having to miss the big cheerleader end-of-term sleepover tonight.’ Even though Ivy didn’t understand the draw of pompoms and bouncy ponytails, she knew her sister did. ‘I mean, I love having you stay and all, but Dad was going a bit vamptator with the whole “Youmustbe there” thing.’

‘That’s OK.’ Olivia skipped over the cracks in the sidewalk. ‘A twin sleepover is better than a cheerleader one any day.’

A chirpy ringtone sounded from Olivia’s pocket. Ivy snorted. She wasn’t sure anyone’s telephone needed to sound that enthusiastic.

Olivia dug out her mobile and read the screen. ‘It’s Jackson! I’ll be right back.’ She held up one finger before bouncing ahead out of earshot.

Brendan slowed at a stop sign where two roads intersected. ‘I should be getting home.’ Brendan’s parents liked him to be home for dinner on time, which made sense since his mom was a fantastic cook. Ivy’s mouth watered at the thought of his mother’s famous hamburger patties. ‘I’ll see you later, though?’ He pressed his lips to Ivy’s cheek, a lock of his dark, shaggy hair brushing her forehead.

Ivy took the binder from him, hoping this was as close as she’d have to get to any dance planning. ‘Sounds good.’

Brendan was being strangely quiet, Ivy thought, as he walked away.He must not like the idea of a dance any better than I do! That’s vamps for you. She shrugged and jogged over to Olivia.

‘Well?’ Ivy asked. Olivia was putting her phone back into her pocket.

‘He’s in the deep south,’ said Olivia. ‘Where, I have no clue. I could barely hear through the bad reception.’

Ivy bumped shoulders with her sister, trying to nudge her back into her usual cheery self. ‘Don’t worry, you’ll talk again soon.’

‘I know,’ Olivia groaned. ‘But I miss him so much! I haven’t seen Jackson since we left LA after the awards show a few weeks ago. I wish he hadn’t had to go off on that promotional tour forThe Grovesstraight after. It would be nice if we could talk properly at least once a century.’

‘Once a century?’ Ivy glanced sidelong at her twin, trying not to grin.

‘You get what I’m saying. The last time I tried calling him he was being photographed on a rollercoaster at Graceland. You try having a conversation with someone surrounded by people screaming at the top of their lungs.’

‘Isn’t that sort of business as usual for Jackson?’ Ivy pointed out. Wherever Olivia’s boyfriend went, so did a swarm of screaming fans. It was enough to give any bystander a headache – especially Ivy.

They carried on walking in silence. The sidewalk started to slope up towards the top of the hill and the cul-de-sac where Ivy’s house sat. The sun had dropped in the sky and now reminded Ivy of the colour of blood-orange juice, spilling reddish light on to the tops of the neighbourhood trees. She listened as her sister’s jeans swooshed with hers in perfect unison.

‘Hey!’ she said, suddenly. ‘Why am I the one left carrying these monster binders?’

Olivia cringed. ‘Please, could you carry them? We don’t have too far to go and my arms are dead.’ She rubbed her skinny biceps.

Her twin looked so pitiful, how could Ivy say no?

‘Seriously,’ Olivia continued. ‘My arms ache just thinking about lugging those folders again. Plus, you have vamp strength. Carrying that lot should be no big deal for you.’

Olivia was right. Ivy could carry the binders, no problem. ‘OK, fine,’ Ivy conceded. ‘But this doesn’t mean I’m going to help with the dance planning!’

Olivia placed her hand over her heart. ‘I solemnly swear not to rope you into any more dance-related activities.’

‘Good.’ Ivy tried to look serious.

Ivy’s keys jingled as she used one hand to unlock the heavy Gothic door. Inside, she dropped Olivia’s dance folder on the dining-room table with a loud thud, and made a big show of shaking her arms out.

‘That was rough.’

Olivia stuck out her tongue. ‘Stop pretending! I thoughtIwas supposed to be the actress in this family!’

‘Girls, in here.’ Ivy heard her father call.

The twins tramped into the kitchen. It was strange, but now that Olivia was part of the family, this room was actually home to real human food. It still surprised Ivy when she opened the refrigerator sometimes. Vampires got all their food from the BloodMart, a secret vampire grocery store hidden in the basement of the FoodMart. Ivy couldn’t remember the last time they’d had a vegetarian in their home pre-Olivia.

‘Hi,’ said a familiar voice. It was Lillian, leaning on the kitchen counter, looking casual-fabulous as usual, in a black turtleneck and skinny jeans tucked into her stiletto-heeled ankle boots.

Ivy and Olivia had first met the ultra-chic vampire film-maker on the set ofThe Groves, where she had been working as an assistant director. Ivy had spotted the romantic chemistry between Lillian and her father a mile away. Her dad hadn’t been able to take his eyes off Lillian for a second when she had walked the red carpet at Olivia’s big debut, and it didn’t take super-powered vamp sight to see what that meant.

Lillian wrapped the twins in a double hug. ‘I thought we’d all have dinner. Is that cool?’

‘That’s perfect!’ Olivia clapped her hands, squealing. Ivy knew Olivia was beyond pleased that their father had fallen in love. Come to think of it, Olivia was beyond pleased when anyone fell in love. Ivy could only imagine what romantic scenes her sister anticipated taking place at her dance.Yet another reason not to go.

Lillian touched Olivia’s elbow. ‘How are you doing?’ Her voice was soothing. ‘Have you heard about the strike?’

So much for the dance distraction. Olivia wilted. ‘Yes and it bites.’

‘But look on the bright side. You now have a year to make sure you know the script backwards – and forwards, of course.’

‘That’s true.’ Olivia stood up straighter, a smile stretching across her lips. ‘I hadn’t thought of it that way.’

Ivy wasn’t sure she was looking forward to a year of helping Olivia learn her lines.The things I do for sisterly love!


Ivy reached for a third helping of chocolate Marshmallow Platelets at the same time as Lillian. It was a favourite dessert for both of them and they were in a contest to see who could eat more.

‘I give in!’ Lillian laughed, letting her fork clatter to her plate. ‘You are a force to be reckoned with, Ivy.’

‘That she is,’ said Charles, raising his crystal glass to his daughter.

Lillian folded her dark red napkin in a neat square on the table. Over dinner, Olivia had explained how she wouldn’t be needed on set that summer.

‘You’re not the only one suffering as a result of this whole writers’ strike ordeal,’ Lillian said, turning to Olivia. ‘It’s affected my job, too.’

‘Is there a bright side for you?’ Olivia asked.

‘Well,’ Lillian said, as her eyes flitted to Charles, ‘I’ll be staying in Franklin Grove until Hollywood reboots.’

Ivy and Olivia shared a mischievous look. No way could they let this opportunity slide.

‘Ooooh!’ Ivy teased her father. ‘How romantic!’

‘It’s fate,’ Olivia chimed. ‘Just like that film where the couple have to share dinner because of a rainstorm. They think they hate each other, but really, they –’

‘Love each other!’ Ivy interrupted. ‘Ah, true love. Isn’t it the best?’

Ivy couldn’t believe it, but her father was blushing.Now I’ve seen everything!

‘Of course, I’m not one for anything too gushy, but I think it’s totally cool that you two –’

Olivia dug an elbow into Ivy’s ribs.

‘Girls!’ A smile threatened to crease the corners of Lillian’s mouth. ‘You need to quit teasing your dad.’

Olivia slapped her hand over her mouth, her blue eyes nearly bugging out of her head. ‘Sorry,’ she mumbled into her palm. ‘Just kidding.’

Charles cleared his throat, recovering his typical suave composure. ‘And I’ll be getting my own back.’

Say what?Ivy didn’t have a clue what her father meant.

‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ Olivia’s eyebrows pinched together.

‘Oh, nothing.’ Charles swished his hand through the air.

‘Come on, Dad,’ Ivy pressed. ‘What do you mean?’

Charles smiled at his daughters. ‘A father has to have a few secrets of his own, does he not?’

Ivy wished the answer was ‘not’.

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